Dean Haspiel, Emmy winner

They said it couldn’t be done but at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys, Dean Haspiel was a winner in the Main Title Design category for Bored to Death, along with collaborators Tom Barham, Marci Ichimura, and Anthony Santoro. Haspiel is shown here with series creator Jonathan Ames and their Emmy.

Other nerdcentric winners were Neil Patrick Harris for Glee, Robot Chicken for Outstanding Short-format Animated Program and Isaiah Mustafa for the best Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. And of course, Betty White.


  1. pulphope says

    That’s great news– congratulations to Dean and to the others on this…!

  2. says

    Marvel Comics writer, Zeb Wells [who I collaborated with on SPIDER-MAN’S TANGLED WEB #20], also won an Emmy for his contributions to ROBOT CHICKEN. We had a healthy high-five moment backstage when we clinked our golden statues.

  3. says

    This is AMAZING. Deano, been reading your stuff since Opposable Thumbs, as you know, and just – wow! BTW, I have never seen a photo of Jonathan Ames, but he looks just like you drew him in “The Alcoholic”.

    Yay Dean & Jonathan & Emmys.

  4. Nathan Schreiber says


    I think the bigger story is we have dean photographed in a suit!

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