DC Add Drunk Psychotic Bunny Wabbit ‘Captain K’Rot’ to Threshold

Revealed in the soliciations for DC’s March, Keith Giffen will be adding an updated version of Captain Carrot to the cast of his new series Threshold.  Now called Captain K’Rot, this version of the character will apparently be “a borderline psychotic, booze swilling, whore-mongering rabbit”.

One of the top three intergalactic bunny rabbits of all time, the majority of DC fans had been wondering where Captain Carrot was in the New 52 relaunch. It may well have been the #1 question posed to Dan DiDio at conventions, causing the company to frantically lay a Stephanie Brown-shaped smoke trail across their plans for the burrowing hero, in the hope to distract people away from the floppy-eared protector of the galaxy.

But now, with the help of an apostrophe and some wonky phonetics, the character is returned, and presumably without that dratted hassle of having to pay the creators royalties for their original work. Any day now Marvel are going to announce they’re publishing a M’Arvelman series.

Captain Carrot’s creator Scott Shaw has responded to the redesign on his facebook page:

As long as it’s not really Captain Carrot, I don’t care. If anything, I’m kinda amused by their rather lame attempt to fit an ‘edgy’ funny animal into the ‘New 52′ universe. Somehow, it reminds me of Warner Bros. Animation’s terrible LOONATICS UNLEASHED SatAM cartoon series. Where’s Ch’p, Thunderbunny, Jaxxon, Bucky O’Hare, Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck when we need ‘em?


  1. Samuel Blanco says:

    This is the worst idea you’ve ever had, DC. The good news is, there’s nothing you can do beyond this that will get worse. Because this was rock botoom.

  2. Mesektet says:

    @Samuel Blanco: Even worse than the Tim Drake fiasco? Or hiring Liefeld? Or G.I Combat? Or Pink Lanterns? Or any of a hundred other things? I think this is pretty tame in comparison.

    Is Rocket Raccoon even that popular that he needs a “rip-off”?

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Rock bottom?

    How about ‘Mazing Man as creepy Collyer Brother, hoarding weird stuff, running a comics shop which is closed more often than open, with a supporting cast of characters that were too weird for Seinfeld?

    Or Sugar and Spike as savant babies, running a crime ring from Midvale? (Actual profanity is encoded in their gibberish.)

    Or Wally “Speedy” West running a meth lab in Blue Valley?

    Or Supergirl having a love affair with Comet?

  4. This is DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy with its own Rocket Racoon.

    Kinda like when all those asteroid movies came out.

  5. “the majority of DC fans had been wondering where Captain Carrot was in the New 52 relaunch.”

    Really? The majority?

    I suppose that would only have to amount to 50k odd people these days.

  6. Darren says:

    @Tim: I was thinking the same thing. “It may well have been the #1 question posed to Dan DiDio at conventions, causing the company to frantically lay a Stephanie Brown-shaped smoke trail across their plans for the burrowing hero, in the hope to distract people away from the floppy-eared protector of the galaxy.”


    I truly hope this is a lame attempt at sarcasm.

  7. Scratchie says:

    And to think, some people say DC is out of ideas!

  8. Stephen Gerding says:

    Giffen’s full quote/description for K’rot is here for those interested in context: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2012/12/captain-carrot-hopping-into-new-52-as-thresholds-krot/

  9. “One of the top three intergalactic bunny rabbits of all time”

    Along with Bucky O’Hare and…?

  10. Jax from early issues of Marvel’s Star Wars comic.

  11. The character here is a joke, folks. Maybe funny, maybe not. But just a joke.

  12. Adriano says:

    Dumb as DC’s move might be, nobody “truly hope this is a lame attempt at sarcasm”, it’s obvious enough in the article. They’re poking fun at DC’s turnaround of the character, I’d imagine, which they evidently hold for ill-considered, as everybody who commented does. I hope for the sake of Giffenand DC that he can make it a funny story, at least, because he’s a good writer anyway.

  13. Johnny Memeonic says:

    Keith Giffen is probably doing this as part Rocket Raccoon spoof, part grimdark New 52 redesigns spoof. After years of stuff like Ambush Bug how quickly people forget that making fun of edgy reimaginings and the industry in general is one of the things he likes to do.

  14. If anyone is doing this as a lark, it’s Keith Giffen. I am all for the inclusion of more bunny rabbits in comics!

  15. Yeah.. I trust Giffen doing as a lark… but are the DC offices in on the joke or do they take his crap 100% super serious and think a grim n gritty Captain Carrot is what comics needs? These are the schmucks who thought making Doctor Light a rapist and turning Justice League into a Watchmen knockoff was the direction the company shoud go.

  16. Leandro M. Duarte says:

    DO A BARREL ROLL! (Press Z or R twice.)

  17. Torsten Adair says:

    Hey! Don’t worry! The regular Captain Carrot appears in the Smallville webcomic! (Albeit as a happy meal toy…)

  18. Look out, Slippy! Enemies behind you!

  19. Xenos says:

    W-w-w-w-wing damaged.

  20. demoncat4 says:

    omg dc must be trying to go reall deep into their library of characters to come up with kaptin karot. wonder if he go that way due to losing the new 52 version of the zoo crew. hate to see what dc does to ragman when and if he ever appears in the new dcu. plus dc must not want to pay royalties to the creators of captain carrot any more

  21. Sadly says:

    sigh. I can accept a rampaging bunny space rabbit… or is that a rampaging space bunny rabbit? I digress. Change his name. Allow the good Captain and the rest of the Zoo Crew (Ally Catabra, Fastback, Pig Iron, Rubber Duck, Yankee Poodle, etc) to remain in the sunset after the igenominoiuos (sic) treatment during the latest Final Crisis…. This? This is just, plain bad. Rename him DC and all will be well in my backyard.
    Thank you

  22. Doug Abramson says:

    If people don’t think that the “Kaptin” isn’t going to be some kind of joke, Giffen has been doing straight stories for too long. The man has done JLI, Ambush Bug and Lobo, but people take THIS seriously?

  23. Chris Hero says:

    If this was the punchline, I don’t want to know the joke. This is stupid and reflective of an industry too in love with itself.

  24. adriano says:

    I actually would like to go a bit deeper than this and check WHO are the people who give orders to Dan Didio and Jim Lee.
    To my mind they are reacting to upside orders on the way they can, and well, truth be said, they are not very creative people.
    Jim Lee can do 90’s grim and gritty and Dan Didio can do…
    AGREEING with whatever Jim Lee is doing and say it is nice

  25. adriano says:

    Then Giffen is simply step 4/5/6 of this story.
    HE was told ” do this gritty version of Captain Carrot we want like this this and that”
    He may try to do the best he can out of it and go saying cute things ( because HOW could he say otherwise )
    but you guys are simply giving too much credit to him

  26. adriano says:

    I actually don’t blame this streamlining of DC on orders from Warner Brothers but the simple fact that the 2 guys who need to translate that into the product we receive are absolute uncreative tools who can’t do anything beyond recycling clichés and living out of the audience who is more addicted than sophisticated

  27. Am I a bad person for reading it as Captain Krotch?

  28. Vincent Franklin says:

    I admit it without shame! I loved the ORIGINAL Captain Carrot. This K’Rot, in my opinion, is a slap in the face to fans like me. We may have been small in numbers, but , so what? It’s sad to think there’s no room for fun in The New 52! The Zoo Crew may have been goofy to some, but to me, they are just as good as the JLA, Doom Patrol, etc.

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