Day of the Dead Art special

Yes, yes, we know Halloween is over, but 1) we had so much terrific art that we meant to post, and 2) it’s always Halloween at Stately Beat Manor. Plus it’s the Dia de los Muertos, so we’re allowed. Here’s a portfolio of scary art to see us into the bleak days of November!

Uriel A. Durán kicks it off with a picture of Saint Death for Dia de los Muertos.

The amazing Richard Thompson

Fabulous Todd Klein

Terrific Tim Hamilton

Spooky Little Lulu Color Small

Shannon Smith

Monsters 102608

A.P. Furtado of Elf’n’Troll tells of his sketch group The Wizards of Ur:

Our group consists of webcomicers, Chuck Whelon (Pewfell Porfingle), Nate Piekos (Atland, Blambot Fonts, and letterer of too many comics from Marvel, Dark Horse, etc.), James Van West ( Blood Red Comics) and Travis Hanson ( Beanleaf Press).

Our balloon twisting pal, Smarty Pants


Theodore P. Helard

Sarah Frary


Cheese Hasselberger

Lisa Jonté

The one and only Christopher Moonlight


Eric De Santis

Pumpkin Kids Sm

Benjamin Hall


  1. John Kipling says

    Fantastic art!

    Love the piece by Ted Helard! Wicked!

    The piece by Sarah Frary is amazing too!

    Great stuff, H.

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