Dave Stewart will color Craig Thompson’s SPACE DUMPLINS

Dave Stewart will color Craig Thompson’s SPACE DUMPLINS

As you may recall, Craig Thompson’s followup to the long-brewing HABIBI will be a kids’ comic, called SPACE DUMPLINS, which will be published by Scholastic, arrival date unknown. (What was it we were just saying about space comics?) On his blog, Thompson just announced that Dave Stewart will be doing the coloring:

The happier news is that the incredible Dave Stewart is on board to color SPACE DUMPLINS, infusing the drawings with vibrant atmosphere & volume. Dave and I’ve known each other since 1997 when I worked as a graphic designer at Dark Horse Comics and he was an in-house colorist. He’s best known now for his work on Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY and BRPD (and for winning seven Eisner awards!).

After so many years of working solo, I’m excited to share this element of collaboration with an extremely talented friend.  See below for a peek at the magic Stewart brings to a single panel of the new book.

To say this book will look gorgeous is an understatement.


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    This will be so fantastic. Such a great pairing. Then again Dave Stewart colors make everything better. :-) Looking forward to this book.

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    I really dig Craig Thompson’s work, so I’m looking forward to checking this out. I’m also taking it upon myself to spread the words ‘Space Marine’ due to Game Workshop’s ridiculous bullying campaign.