Dash Shaw looks at Groundwork of Evangelion

Today’s must read: BODY WORLD’s Dash Shaw joins the Comics Comics blog and in his first outing examinesGroundwork of Evangelion: 1.0 , a sketchbook for an upcoming anime. He finds it a treasure trove of semiotic information:

They’re marked with little notes that I don’t understand. All of the Japanese I once knew is gone, and I don’t know filmmaking vocabulary anyway. Unlike comics, which have a widely-known “insider” language (“these bubbly shaped frames around the words mean the character is thinking- is that cool with everybody?” “yeah, okay”) this is a totally foreign “insider” language used by the people at the studio to communicate to each-other. They weren’t drawn to be published for a wide audience; but here they are, published, and I could go into Kinokuniya in NYC and buy a copy. Awesome.


  1. Evangelion 1.0 has already been in Japanese theaters. I believe it was in select US theaters as well

  2. Dash Shaw and Evangelion fit like a hand in a glove. Body World was full of similar symbolic techniques, like interspersing the narrative with a Venn Diagram.

  3. Evangelion fans, check this out!!
    Asuka or Rei? Which is your favorite Evangelion figure?


  1. […] Dash Shaw of the Eisner-nominated Bodyworld joins the Comics Comics blog. His first post? Commenting on the storyboards behind Evangelion 1.0. He’s pretty much the perfect guy to be commenting on it, since his comic also transitions to seemingly random scenes from panel to panel. (h/t The Beat) […]

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