Dash Shaw does Marvel

meatstrange1 Dash Shaw does Marvel
Apparently Marvel has a “Coober Skeeber” type anthology of indie type artists handling their characters underway, and Dash Shaw is the first to show off part of his effort on the Meathaus Blog. . Maybe they will finally publish that Peter Bagge Hulk story in here?


  1. Steve M says:

    Is it going to be called Bizarro Disc?

  2. ZING!!!

  3. Fantastic news!

    The one thing DC did, that I wish Marvel would attempt, and now it’s coming (hopefully)!

    I didn’t know what Coober Skeeber was, so I googled it:

    Good god! That’s great stuff!

  4. Since it’s been more or less established that the Impossible Man is Mr. Mxyzpltk in the Marvel U, and nobody thought this would come to pass, he should host it and it ought to be called Impossible Comics. Thank you, keep your flowers, send money.

    That, or just fucking call it What The–?!


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