Dark Knight Rises bootleg trailer — for now

These are being removed left and right — but luckily the trailer will be officially released on Tuesday. Until then we’ll have to make do with these handheld versions.



  1. Edward says:

    Waiting for the official trailer!!!

  2. Comic2read says:

    This Bane seems to be a composite of Killer Croc, Ubu, and Bane.

  3. In the much briefer (I think?) regular old non-Imax trailer they showed before “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” last night, Bane was barely intelligible. I THINK he said something like “When Gotham is in ashes, then I give you permission to die” but it was incredibly hard to make out. I hope they clean this up before the movie debuts or, between that and Batman’s Cookie-Monster-on-steroids voice this thing is going to sound terrible.

  4. Tom Spurgeon says:

    I’m trying to imagine how little grace Batman fans would afford Christopher Nolan if his last film starring a guy who dresses up as a bat and beats people up *didn’t* make $1 billion and snag an Oscar win for its second lead. Batman fans are more hardcore and unforgiving than any Batman foe. Except maybe Orca. I like Orca.

  5. The Beat says:

    I understood what Bane said just fine, but then I live with a Brummie.

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