Dark Horse Presents returns in 2011


The influential and historic DARK HORSE PRESENTS anthology — last seen as an online anthology available on MySpace and later adapted to print — will be back in April 2011, according to a press release and these two covers. Frank Miller’s XERXES is the prequel to 300 which he’s been talking about for a while. Paul Chadwick’s Concrete has been a reader favorite for a few decades now.


The 80-page format is similar to the print MySpace anthologies, as opposed to the periodical size of the original.


  1. Awesome! Excited for this, I loved it when it was an online anthology through Myspace, it’ll be even better in print!

  2. Always happy for more Concrete! Miller…well, I come and go on his uber-macho stuff. We’ll see.

  3. michael says:

    80 page anthology! damn! O.O

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