Cully Hamner working on something pretty cool for DC

Or so says this interview with The Square Peg Show from MegaCon. Hamner says he’ll be working on something “pretty big” for DC and writing and drawing it. Which is good news because Cully Hamner is quality. Among his past work: design work for DC for years, RED, with Warren Ellis, and its spin-offs, The Question, The Shade, Animal Man, Action Comics, etc etc etc.

Who would you like to see Cully work on? Atomic Knights? Prez? Krypto and Squeaky? Sounds off in the comments.


  1. Dave Ziegler says

    If there was a “Like” button, I’d like the HELL out of Jesse Post’s comment! GL:Mosaic is STILL a favorite of mine.

  2. Harry Tzvi Keusch says

    Krypto and Squeaky? You must mean Krypto and Streaky – I for one would love to see this (though a one-shot would suffice).

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