Crappiest con ever

The Beat has been felled by a pesky bronchial infection and missed all of yesterday’s ICv2 conference and party slate. Boo hiss. After a regime of juice and tea, we hope to be on the floor tomorrow, even if at reduced strength.

We haven’t seen many online reports on the conference yet, aside from a few Twitters. Douglas Wolk:

Q: “What happens if Watchmen doesn’t go anywhere?” Paul Levitz: “The 200,000 I printed today would probably be a mistake, then.”

And Evie Nagy:
learned today from Art Spiegelman that “Goethe was the Oprah of his time.”

Otherwise nothing but complaints about how cold the Javits and New York at large are. In fact, even while lying swaddled in bed, eating rice pudding, it was easy to follow along with who was doing what on the ubiquitous Twitter. Weird.


  1. says

    My daughter and I will be braving the cold tomorrow to attend! I’ll be interested to see her take on it. We went to the AnimeCon at the Javits last year and she kept saying “These are my people…” with just that bit of wonder and a sense of belonging. I wonder if she’ll be saying “Yup. These are daddy’s people” with that tone my wife reserves for when she sees those longboxes in the basement.


  1. […] • Heidi MacDonald notes a tweet from the conference in which Paul Levitz mentions DC Comics has printed another 200,000 copies of Watchmen. Tom Spurgeon isn’t amused: “… I want to say for the record it annoys the shit out of me to hear DC executives bragging about their Watchmen print runs when they’ve been hiding their print runs on almost everything for years and years and years, for no discernible reason but to be able to press the advantage of not having their crappier sales runs exposed when they get asses kicked by their competition, which is a lot.” […]

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