Cosplayers make fun of Westboro Baptist Church bigots

The biggest sociological story here at SDCC10 on Thursday was definitely the Cosplay counter protest against Westboro Baptist Church’s protest. The cosplayers outnumbered the con protesters — who had come for the health care conference goings-on at the Hyatt, and beat the bigots at their own game. Viva la fandom! Comics Alliance has all the details and photos.

It’s a good thing the Westboro gang didn’t know about David Hasselhoff.


  1. Dave says

    They did a great job. Bravo to all who braved the heat in costume and kept those sly wits about them.

  2. says

    Salon interviewed Phelp’s daughter during the protest. It’s short, but insightful.

    Of course, the whole idolatry thing (Exodus 20:4) is a major sticking point in Christianity. Is the Christian trinity still monotheism?

    Also, are Samson and Solomon superheroes? What about Nightcrawler joining the priesthood?

  3. rich says

    What’s the story so far? Some bartender didn’t like gay people … and now the comic fans are in a picket line?

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