Con highlights

Meeting Al Jaffee; breakfast with Pia Guerra; getting a copy of Comic Book Tattoo; and nattering at this man at the EW/Sci-Fi party!!!

Char Todd
That’s right, Dr. Lucien Sanchez, aka Matt Berry from GARTH MARENGHI’S DARKPLACE, no less. Simon Pegg overheard us lauding the rather bemused Berry for his epic portrayal, but indicated that he agreed with us. Hooray for Comic-Con! We love celebrities after all.


  1. says

    The highlight for me was meeting Tori Amos for all of 30 seconds. I got some great sketches and autographs, talked with several writers and artists, saw some interesting panels (and some boring panels), saw some good costumes (and some bad costumes), and picked up some cool stuff, but that was the part that will really stick in my head.

  2. ~chris says

    Now we know why The Beat got married– so there would be someone to carry her copy of the massive Comic Book Tattoo.

    My brother got Tori’s autograph, and said that she stayed way past her scheduled signing time.

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