1. House of Secrets Omnibus? Wow, that is unexpected! I already have the complete series, so no need to buy it, but I recommend it if you like Vertigo-style books.

    Hmm, that Gil Kane Superman book is very tantalizing. And the Weird War Tales Showcase too. And the Kamandi Omnibus vol. 2 (although I’m pretty sure it won’t reprint 1-20).

    Why the canadian price is still higher than the american price? Our dollar is STRONGER. It actually should be the other way around!

  2. Very happy to see the Amethyst–this’ll be right up my daughter’s alley (as it was mine, back in the day), but wish it was in HC. I remember it having some great art, too.

    And is it me, or is 52 seeming better and better the more time goes by? Tempted by that Omni.

    And… is that Conner book a resolicit?

  3. The AMANDA CONNER book is not the ART OF AMANDA CONNER coming out from IDW end of april…it is a seperate book collecting a lot of assorted wok she has done for DC comics exclusively.

  4. I am definitely buying that House of Secrets Omnibus. Had been considering getting my issues bound but I’d much rather support the creators and hopefully have some extras included. A series that got criminally ignored but was so, so good.

  5. Head’s up for Alex Toth fans – the ‘Showcase Presents: Weird War Tales’ volume should include Toth’s framing sequences from a few of the early issues, plus the 10-page “Who Is Haunting the Haunted Chateau?” story from issue #10.

  6. Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Palmiotti.

    Should we agitate for a collection of Ms. Conner’s stories, similar to “Midnight Days” and “Across The Universe”?

    Heck, I’d settle of a deluxe edition of Power Girl! (Give the dust jacket a die-cut “keyhole”!)

  7. NP- Thanks for the tip. It’s a special treat to see that Toth work in B&W. Also looking forward to the Kubert covers book. I’m clearing a space on my coffee table for it right now.

  8. You drop the hardback / paperback designation on the latter entries – not provided, or left out in error? Would love to know format for Gil Kane book, etc! Thanks!

  9. Not too long ago, DC seemed to be really mining their history for good collections — Legion Lost, Chase, Aquaman: Death of the Prince, and so on. I’m not so moved by this list — the 52, Teen Titans, and House of Secrets omnibuses are cool, but if you’ve been around reading for a while, you already have all of those. There’s not much here that’s really ground-breaking, essentially. Hopefully once they’ve released the first round of DC New 52 books, they’ll get back to “new” collections instead of just re-releasing old ones.

  10. Very cool to see two volumes of the MAD Archives being published this year. The long gap between the first two books didn’t make me optimistic about a third, but now it looks like they’re going to at least finish the comic book run, which is great news.

  11. So the Adventures of Superman by GIL KANE has my interest way, way up. Gil Kane was just stunning on the few Superman books I still have. He set the bar so incredibly high that few ever measured up to that work (Buckler, and Newton did…).

    I’m really looking forward to that collection. Thanks for putting it out, DC!

  12. Pascal, we Canadians always get taken on the exchange rate. It is always calculated to our disadvantage. Plus older trades have up to a 40% higher price for Canada printed on the cover, and comic stores will insist on charging it.
    Sure,we complain.
    But no one listens.
    So I will pay a few percent, sure. And equate it to a service charge, or extra duty. Then the theft bugs me less.

  13. The Alan Davis and Gil Kane collections look pretty nifty. I like DC collecting artist runs on titles. Would love to see a Gene Colan collection of his Wonder Woman run.

  14. @Al: Thankfully the stores I shop at charge the US cover price. So a $19.99 US graphic novel is $19.99 Canadian. Hurray!

    I do wish publishers would just stop putting Canadian prices on these things entirely though.

  15. The lack of hardcover/paperback notation was the fault of the catalog, not me. All information posted here was from the publisher catalog, which I should have stated in my introduction.

    A Google search by EAN should answer the format question.

  16. The headline states: “Coming Attractions: DC Comics: More 2012 Titles!”

    Yes, they are new titles. New material? Old material? I don’t care. These are what I found to be interesting.

    (For the record, there are FIVE original books listed here.)

    Shooter’s Maxim: Every comic book is someone’s first comic book.
    Disney’s Epiphany: There is a new audience every seven years.

    When I started reading Fantastic Four in 1984, I had no previous exposure to the stories of Lee & Kirby. (Stan Lee I knew about, he narrated the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon.) But I found a few Collector’s Item Classics in the back issue bins and slowly educated myself. Eventually I purchased the omnibus and read the early stories in order.

    Think of all the comics you have read. Now filter out any you’ve read in collected editions or reprints. What remains?

    If I only mentioned original graphic novels, the list would be very short, even for everything published in one month from ALL publishers. Marvel rarely publishes OGNs (that will change, thanks to Disney). Image doesn’t do many (due to their business model). Japanese and Continental comics would be ignored.

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