Comics Alliance is back; now with Laura Hudson

200904281252Well, the source of Comic Foundry senior editor Laura Hudson’s Twitter glee over blogging has been revealed: AOL has relaunched its Comics Alliance blog and Hudson is the blogger on the bubble. RSS feed added — check!

Welcome to my world, girl! My #1 blogging tip is to remember to stand up and walk around the room at least once every day.


  1. blogs? that’ll never catch on.

  2. Congratulations, Laura! I hope this still leaves you with time for reviewing all 300 issues of Cerebus at your site
    (Much more important than that little AOL gig:) Keeping my fingers crossed)

  3. Your advice is appreciated, Heidi. I’ve effectively cut down to two meals a day because I forget to eat, so I should probably attempt “balance” once this thing is running smoothly.

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