Comic Shop Locator app for iPhone?

Hm. Check out this video we found for what looks like a demo of a Comics Shop Locator app for the iPhone. In the demo, the demonstrator uses both GPS and typing in a zip code to find nearby stores. The poster is listed as Diamond Comics, so you can probably figure out who’s behind it.

Definitely handy.


  1. the Freaky Tiki says

    Now if we can only get Marvel and DC to put the Comic Shop Locator logo on all their DVDs and other licensed products we’ll be heading in the right direction.

    the Tiki

  2. says

    Um… Enter “comic book” and name of city or zip code. Google will locate stores not on the CSLS, AND provide reviews.

  3. Scott says

    Hey…the guy in the video sounds just like the guy in the iVerse Comics Reader demo.

    It’s clearly the same guy. So is Diamond working with iVerse? Are they a digital comics distributor?

  4. Charles Knight says

    Torsten – that’s an app looking for a problem… since as you say you can already do this natively…

  5. John says

    @Torsten and Charles

    I disagree. This is a one touch look up for comic book stores. If I type “comics” into my iPhone Maps I don’t get my local store. On I do. So if this is using the same info – then I’m betting there are shops that will be missed in Google Maps.

  6. Heidi M. says

    I think you guys are being a little picky. I can go into Google and type “restaurants new york east village” using my tiny keyboard and clumsy fingers…or I can hit my Yelp app and hit one button and find whats good locally in one click. Some people will like one method over another.

  7. Oz Carver says


    Actually, the only comics shops that come up in a CSLS search are shops that pay the annual fee to belong to the service, and not all of comic shops choose to do that. So it’s much more likely that Google will list shops that the CSLS doesn’t than vice versa.

    As to typing “comics” into an iPhone/iTouch’s native Maps app, it will give you local stores if you add your ZIP code afterwards (though “comic books [ZIP code]” seems to work even better). I just double-checked this on my iTouch, and it gave me 6 comic shops within reasonable driving distance. When I put my ZIP code into the CSLS’s website, I only get 3 results.

    So it does seem using non-CSLS sources will find you more shops, at least where I live.

  8. John says

    @Oz Carver

    And where I live it doesn’t. So, unless this app costs money, I don’t see any reason not to have it.

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