Comic-Con TV slate shaping up

In non-comics news, a slew of TV-show related Comic-Con news is beginning to flood the nets. Among the slebs expected to attend: Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Nathan Fillion, and Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim. According to The Hollywood Reporter several of the shows coming to Comic-Con this year will be straight crime and drama shows, without a lot of the usual nerd-friendly trappings, but this isn’t without risks. For instance, will Con crowds really be interested in a remake of Hawaii Five-0?

Though the dramas play in more grounded genres than such Comic-Con TV pioneers as ABC’s “Lost” and Syfy’s “Battlestar Galactica,” each choice needs to present a compelling case to be included in the lineup. Comic-Con picks are debated by networks and studios and discussed with Comic-Con organizers — who veto shows from participating if they’re too off-brand.

All agree it’s not in anybody’s best interest for a show to go to the event if fans ridicule its inclusion or fail to pack its ballroom. (Networks declined to comment for this report since Comic-Con organizers prefer to announce the event schedule).

In the case of “Five-0,” there are a few factors that make the show more Comic-Con friendly than one might expect. It’s a remake of a 1970s series, it’s CBS’ tentpole new title for the fall and it boasts heavy amounts of action. But what best lures Comic-Con fans to a new show is the panelists, and “Five-0″ has former “Battlestar” veteran Grace Park and ex-“Lost” co-star Daniel Dae Kim, not to mention “Star Trek” producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

It’s a revelation that Con organizers might veto any shows as being off-topic, but frankly, also a relief

TV Squad has a complete list of shows expected to attend Comic-Con:

‘Human Target
‘Bobs Burgers’
‘Terra Nova’
‘The Simpsons’
‘Family Guy’
‘Cleveland Show’
‘American Dad’

‘The Cape’
‘The Event’

‘No Ordinary Family’

The CW
‘Vampire Diaries’

‘Hawaii Five-0′
‘Big Bang Theory’
‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’
‘Sons of Anarchy’

‘White Collar’
‘Burn Notice’

Comedy Central


‘True Blood’


‘The Walking Dead’

‘Neighbors From Hell’


Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
‘Adventure Time’
‘Generator Rex, Ben 10′
‘Unnatural History’
‘Tower Prep’
‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’
‘Venture Bros’
‘Robot Chicken’
‘Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’


  1. Joseph says:

    All I know is it will be very difficult to watch Daniel Dae-Kim in Hawaii on his new show and not be distracted by “Lost” nostalgia

  2. Horace Austin says:


  3. Glee was there last year. I seem to remember hearing it was well-attended, too.

  4. mpneeb says:

    1. I think there should be a LOT and a HEROES panel. Because it’ll feel weird without them.

    2. BBC? Doctor Who? Torchwood?

    3. Yeah, trying to pimp out most of these shows is pretty dumb.

  5. fernald says:

    I tried to get in the ‘Glee’ panel last year but it was full, I hope I get in this year.

  6. Glenn Simpson says:

    So in addition to shows that nerds currently like, they include a) shows about nerds, and b) shows starring actors who previously were in shows nerds liked.

    I think this is OK, as long as the actual sci-fi/fantasy shows get first dibs.

  7. Rob J. says:

    Oh, the same pissy little forty-year-old boys who moaned about all those girls camped outside of Hall H for the Twilight panel last year will be whining about all the girls (and me) camped out at Hall H for the Glee panel this year.

    Suck it up, fanboys. I want to see Dianna Agron! Especially if, say, they do a miniset that includes Bad Romance — in costume.

    — Rob

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