Comic-Con registration re-opens November 22, 6 am PST

201011081834.jpgSan Diego Comic-Con is trying again. Registration for four-day passes and one-day passes go on sale Monday, November 22nd at 6 am Pacific Standard Time. This is three hours earlier than the last, abortive attempt, perhaps curtailing the onslaught of locals with an earlier starting time.

The last time tickets went on sale, last Monday, demand melted their servers like a blowtorch melts butter. CCI’s David Glanzer admitted at the time, “We’re not exactly sure what happened.”

Our guess? A lot of people wanted to go to Comic-Con.

Hopefully this time the servers are battened down for the combined impact of gale force winds and Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld.



  1. Justin Fairfax says

    Future BEAT headline:
    “Comic-Con Registration Thrown Offline November 22, 6:01 am PST

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