Clark Kent: Quitter

Clark Kent: Quitter

Almost certainly due to the news that The Daily Planet was long-ago outstripped by The Beat in terms of superhero coverage (suck it, Perry White), Scott Lobdell’s first regular issue of Superman will apparently see Clark Kent quit the company.

The decision comes as part of a slightly coded broadside on the nature of news coverage from Lobdell, whose Clark Kent will decry the fall of news coverage and rise of entertainment coverage. How modern consumers don’t want news that challenges them, but instead wants news that holds their hands. And how news reporting is now about taking the smallest thing and blowing it up onto a huge, exaggerated scale. Hold on, I think I’ve got some pretty images around here somewhere that’ll explain it for you:

Phew! That was almost a complete block of text right there, however would we have coped. So anyway, Clark Kent wants news coverage to be more intelligent and stuff. This news, by the way, was reported by USA two days before the comic comes out. Just thought I’d point that out for no reason. Cat Grant will join Clark as he creates a news website, in an attempt to shine a spotlight where regular news corporations are too scared to go.

Yeah, welcome to the club, lad. Better get to work on your Technorati profile.


  1. says

    He’s quitting in this economy? That guy needs to take a long walk across the country and think about what he’s done.

  2. says

    And who is drawing these pretty pictures that TELL THE STORY?

    Really, a credit to the artist would be nice. Some might say, essential.

  3. Johnny Memeonic says

    Scott Lobdell takes a lot of crap for reasons never clearly defined by those criticizing him (ever notice that?), but he’s always been a good writer and having Clark Kent abandon big corporate news full of reporters that don’t report and sensationalize nonsense is true to the character’s devotion to real journalism.

    Also shows he’s more with the times than most comics writers out there given the ongoing dying of print media rise of new media on the internet. People will move to that as it becomes ever clearer the larger organizations are pushing a narrative or covering for certain political friends and agendas.

    You can already see a lot of it happening. When that Colorado shooting happened people kept up to date not on 24/7 cable news but on a constantly updated Reddit thread. And the net is just about the only place that actually covered the DOJ’s sick Fast and Furious scandal.

  4. Johnathan Black says

    Am I the only one wondering what has happened to Clark’s fashion sense?

  5. Torsten Adair says

    So Peter… I mean, Clark Kent grew a backbone?
    Lots of interesting story possibilities as Clark Kent, investigative reporter, since Lois Lane is now a producer.
    Interesting idea… we’ll see what happens. But are there many independent news websites covering hard news? Or are they affiliated with a “landline” agency?
    YouTube is now a popular source for news. Of course, when one can streamline and mainline one’s news coverage, it is more easy to ignore that which does not conform to one’s point-of-view.

    Now, let’s sit back and see how many news organizations cover this story…

  6. says

    Whatever, you have to do something with these characters after so many years. So yes, try new things. BUT…. WAY TOO MANY word balloons for one page. Whats the hurry? Take your time.

  7. Synsidar says

    If the world is always one lost battle away from total destruction, what qualifies as news? Or do Americans on DC Earth think of superhero fights as things that happen in a few big cities, not in Dover or Omaha?


  8. Charles Knight says

    “the character’s devotion to real journalism.”

    Is real journalism where you get paid to write stories about yourself where you quote yourself in the third person and use your secret identify to add credence to your version of events?

  9. rich says

    If you don’t think that news is sensationalized on the internet, then you haven’t been reading news on the internet. As for keeping everyone up-to-date on breaking stories, I remember the sloppy reporting in the aftermath of the attempt on Ronald Regan’s life. Sometimes it’s ok to wait a few minutes … Reporting the news first doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting it right.

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