Chris Ware covers The New Yorker


This week’s theme is “The Money Issue.”


  1. says

    Very well drawn,and powerfully poignant, but so bleak and hopeless. No disrespect to Mr. Ware or his wonderful talent, but I’m done to death with bleak and hopeless. I lived it for to long. It feeds on it’s self and goes nowhere. I’m looking for the artistic voice I can get behind.

  2. Rachael says

    A powerful image, but a bit too symbolic. Who pays bills with pieces of paper nowadays?

  3. Julian says

    Ware once again says more with one image than many can with whole books.

  4. Al™ says

    Who pays bills with pieces of paper these days? Well, I do. And I pay cash for most brick-and-mortar-based purchases.

    And that scene could be at my house, except for the daughter and the air of despair.

    Nice work there by Ware. A sober look, with a retro hook.

  5. Kevin Hynes says

    Great cover, makes me terrified however to buy the magazine, need to save money.

  6. Stephan says

    Sigh. I forgot how bleak Chris Ware can be, his latest output is sad but not tear out your heart, punch in the face five or six time then stick it back in your chest sad like his earlier work was for me. Christ, this is too much for me, but in an amazing way.

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