Chris Hemsworth as Thor is moody

While we’re all talking IRON MAN 2 right now, a look into the crystal ball revelas that a year hence we’ll be all yakking about the THOR movie which opens May 6, 2011, and here’s our first look at Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, courtesy of Yahoo. As you know, Hemsworth beat out sseveral other manly, moody Euro=types to play Thor, and this still reveals a manly, moody look that includes lots of chain mail. So far, so good.

[Editor’s note: see this is one of the posts I’ve been having problems with. I posted this for the first time at 11 this morning…and Ecto still decided it wouldn’t post it.]


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    Loved him in the opening 5 minutes of the new Star Trek, and was like, hmmm, that guy’s attractive. Hope I get to see more of him. Thanks, universe.

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