Ann Nocenti explains the thing about Girls Who Cosplay


  1. Where does he he do that?

    Unless I’m mistaken, that story was written by Ann Nocenti.

  2. Yeah, that dialogue reads much more like Nocenti. I mean, look at how much of the art is left bare and unadorned by text.

  3. It’s Ann. Backup story in Classic X-Men #34, I believe.

  4. Ah, cool–thanks for the clarification. While it definitely makes more sense in terms of brevity, it does sound like something one of Claremont’s women would say.

  5. SniktSnakt says:

    Claremont is a LOT more verbose then this…

  6. yrzhe says:

    If Claremont wrote this scene, Emma would be talking about the focused totality of her corset.

  7. Rich Harvey says:

    Classic X-Men was a reprint title. You mean they had original material appearing there as well?

  8. Backup stories, for a while. “Here’s a scene that happened around this time, to shed additional light on blah blah blah…”

  9. Always love that Bolton Art.

  10. SniktSnakt says:

    Classic X-Men, in the beginning of its run, also inserted new pages/panels into the main story. These were written by Claremont IIRC.

    Think of them as deleted/bonus scenes on DVD’s…

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