200812191314Asian film superstar Stephen Chow is no longer directing the GREEN HORNET movie, although he will still star as sidekick Kato. The reason given is “creative differences.”

And so, our interest in this movie went from 100 to about -10. In shape, Seth Rogen, or not.


  1. says

    Knew it was too good to last–Absolutely no way the Weinsteins would’ve been hands-off enough for Chow

  2. Firefly says

    Well, Chow directing GREEN HORNET had my interest, but now I’m out. The casting of Seth Rogen never sat well with me — he’s just not the right guy for the role. Kind of how I felt about Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, since further confirmed with Bale as Batman as to how miscast he was in that role.

    Hollywood rarely seems to get it right. Just how they could be convinced to cast Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet (or Jack Black as Green Lantern, as once tossed around) amazes me.

  3. Karen says

    Geez, no kidding. I’d watch Chow-directed paint drying, knowing there’d be something awesome about it at some point. But Seth Rogen as Green Hornet without Chow’s magic touch? No thanks.

  4. tom says

    Thank the gods….now if they can just ditch Rogen – maybe someone can make a decent Green Hornet movie.

  5. Kenny says

    DAMMIT! A Chow directed – well, anything directed by Chow is awesome, but a Chow directed Green Hornet could have been the best superhero movie ever.

  6. Mark Coale says

    Do people just want a Van Williams type to play the Hornet?

    (nerd fact: Williams played the director of the Green Hornet TV show in the movie Dragon.)

  7. Rafael says

    Nathan Fillion as the Green Hornet, Tony Jaa as Kato. Director who can forget the camp – that was serial tv limits, and knows how to capture the cool. How difficult can that be Hollywood?

  8. Firefly says

    I agree with Rafael, how difficult is it for Hollywood to use some freakin’ common sense in making these creative decisions? I mean, Jack Black as the Green Lantern?! What were they thinking? Are these guys high??

    (Um, actually, on that last question…..)

  9. Why? says

    Sounded like a dog when Rogen announced his involvement and intent to make a comedy. At least Chow knows to get out while he can. Perhaps Chow would not disrespect the memory of Bruce Lee with the obvious comedic treatment that was planned. Now all Moritz has to do is get some serious writers in on this and do it the right way like the last two Bond and Batman films. The Hornet is not a comedy its a gritty crime story, the sooner they get that through their heads the better off they will be!

  10. rich says

    “Do people just want a Van Williams type to play the Hornet?”

    Since Van Williams was just right for the part, I’d have no problem with that. Since Seth Rogen would be wrong, I have a big problem with that.

  11. says

    Just to clarify Why? about the producers intent to make the movie into a comedy:

    If you chance upon listening to episodes of the original radio series – there was always a bit of comic relief when fumbling ace reporter for the Daily Sentinel Mike Axeford would always blow things out of proportion when it came to reporting on the Green Hornet’s so called ‘criminal activities’.



  12. rich says

    Cary …

    You said it … there was A BIT of comedy. So, Seth Rogen is wrong for the Green Hornet … because that implies MAINLY COMEDY.

  13. James says

    According to Rogen, they were going to play it straight with funny moments (a la Iron Man?) until Stephen Chow came on board and leaned in a more comedic direction. So who knows where it’ll end up.

    I’m still interested – as great as Chow is, it sounded like the language barrier was proving problematic. Especially if Rogen and Goldberg were attempting their usual improvisational voice.

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