Charles Burns’ PERMAGEL

Charles Burns has a new art book coming out from French publisher “United Dead Artists”entitled PERMAGEL. It will be 32 pages in a huge 30×40 cm format, printed in double black impression on Rives paper. Stephane Blanquet is the editor.
More information and images.


  1. says

    This is very cool. I’m especially excited about the high quality paper being used. Charles Burns stark line work will be very well served, I think

  2. says

    Wow, that’ll probably be really expensive for so few pages. Maybe if they made a version I could put on my iPhone… I’d spend maybe 53 cents on that. But it would have to be DRM-free and I would have to slap my own “scanned by” page to it and upload that. I would totally torrent that bitch for all of you.

  3. Marc Arsenault says

    I’m sorry for the previous message. I am gay and my iPhone is my favorit tool at night. I am so lonely…

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