Celebrate the Season: Fleet Week Salute!

As everyone gets ready for the long weekend, as always, New York City is abuzz with the excitement of FLEET WEEK! We’re probably going to check out a few ships, and maybe a few sailors, too. Because everyone loves sailors.

Click on more for our Memorial Day 2009 Sailor Salute!


Sailor Moon 3




A special call-out for moody, gritty ’70s sailors with their collars turned up!

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Last Detail

PS: We were going to post some sailor movies here, but when we googled “movies about sailors” we got some results we were totally not expecting. =(


  1. mark coale says:

    I assume it is no coincidence that FMB fled the country during Fleet Week.

  2. Ever seen the sequel to “On The Town”? “It’s Always Fair Weather” is an interesting film, a bit darker in tone.

    And where’s Sam Glanzman? And what of Miss Lace, of “Mail Call” fame? (I have a copy of the collection, formerly owned by a sailor on the USS Indiana.) Or Don Winslow?

  3. Yarr! It’s probably worth mentioning during Fleet Week that it’s never too late to check out the book I’ve been working on for SLG, Captain Blood. Seafaring derring-do at its absolute finest! I cobbled together a ComicSpace preview here: http://www.btb.gc.ca/btb.php?lang=eng&cont=867

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