Alan Moore’s Secret Q&A Cult Exposed! Part II: You’ll Gasp When You See What He Told Them!!!

His Celestial Self

By Anne M Kletcha Deep in the grubby sump of one of those so-called ‘Social Media’ sites, there is a clump of aging comics fanboys called The Really Very Serious Alan Moore Scholars’ Group, known to its sad and lonely adherents as TRVSAMSG. When they’re not annotating everything in sight, or calling down ancient evils […]

Alan Moore’s Secret Q&A Cult Exposed! Part I: You Won’t Believe What They Asked Him!!

The Transcendent Master

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Internet, unbeknownst to all but the initiated, there’s an organisation that calls itself the Really Very Serious Alan Moore Scholars’ Group. Occasionally they get to actually communicate with the object of their adoration, The Great Moore himself. The most recent manifestation was in December 2015, when The Master […]

Dan Evans promoted to VP, Creative Affairs at DC 


Respected animation veteran Dan Evans has been promoted to the position of VP, Creative Affairs at DC, where he’ll review the use of DC characters in other media. Evans’ resume includes stints at Nickelodeon and Marvel Animation, so he brings a wide portfolio to the position. His previous position at DC was Creative Director. HE’ll […]

Death and Resurrection at Marvel: who is it this time


  Meanwhile, Marvel has been teasing various events that promise both a shocking death and a shocking resurrection, or in other words, business as usual Monday-Friday in comic book world. But who? The resurrection seems to hint at Docor Octopus and the death…well, could be anyone really. What do you think? Please present your own […]

Batman v Superman’s deleted scene and the ongoing DCU cinematic universe (SPOILERS)


   SPOILERS! Moviegoers who were able to puzzle out the storyline of Batman v Superman may have also been aware of the parallel but perhaps just as important plot thread: the establishment of a cohesive DCU movie universe that ties in various characters and plot lines for future movies. Perhaps the most debated scene is […]

Hermann wins the Grand Prix at Angouleme


     After all that hullabaloo, Belgian artist Herman Huppen, aka Hermann  has won the award no one wanted, the 2016 Grand Prix. Hermann beat out Alan Moore and Claire Wendling for the dubious honor. Nominated many times before, the grumpy creator of Jeremiah has often said he wouldn’t accept the award in the past, but […]