The Spirit of Marston is Alive in Wonder Woman: Earth One


Action Comics, Animal Man, Batman, The Doom Patrol, The Invisibles and The New X-Men. Nobody in comics has a resume quite like Grant Morrison. The author has written so many incredible comic books stemming all the way back to the ‘80s. That’s why when the writer sometimes takes a little bit of time producing his next masterpiece, fans […]


Books That Need a Boost: The Four Underdog Books You Should Buy This Week


Every Wednesday, hordes of warriors troop out to comic book stores across the country to pick up the releases of the week.  The comic book industry has been riding the coattails of a boom period these past few years, heralded by the rise of Image Comics titles like Saga and financially successful reboot events like DC’s […]


Activist Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and Stelfreeze launch “A Nation Under Our Feet” in new Black Panther Series


Marvel went to the New York Times this morning to announce the heavily teased brand new Black Panther series. The series will be written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, National Correspondent for The Atlantic and writer of the recently released book Between the World and Me, a series of letters written to his son about being black in America that […]


Review: Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá’s “Two Brothers” is a Beautiful Heartache


Two Brothers Creators: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá Publisher: Dark Horse Twin brothers Omar and Yaqub may share the same features, but they could not be more different from one another. After a brutally violent exchange between the young boys, Yaqub is sent from his home in Brazil to live with relatives in Lebanon, only to return five years […]


Witness the Revenge of the Armor Hunters in the Pages of Valiant’s Unity


Valiant Entertainment has revealed one of the final story arcs for the publisher’s landmark team book Unity. A few weeks ago, the comics company announced that the series was coming to an end with issue #25. The new arc features the return of the Armor Hunters who were defeated at the end of a landmark […]


DC Cancels Five Series including The Omega Men


DC Comics just announced to CBR that five ongoing series of the DC You launch are being cancelled. Among the books just announced for cancellation include fan favorite title The Omega Men by Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda. The others include Lobo, Justice League United, Doomed, and Gotham By Midnight. Catwoman has been assigned a new […]


Stryfe Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Pull for 9/9/15


This week, a longtime staffer of the internet’s premiere comic book website, The Beat, became obsessed…obsessed with ‘90s X-Men comics. We tried to take away copies of comics like X-Cutioner’s Song from the staffer — but the efforts of the full staff at the Stately Beat Manor (home of team Comics Beat) proved futile. We were […]


When DC and Marvel cost less than indie comics


There’s been quite a bit of comment on the price of new comics and it seems to me that newer readers may not quite understand why readers over the age of, say, 35 are quite so flummoxed at the price of a comics.  Let me provide a little context for how DC and Marvel were […]


Discussion Points: Line-Wide Crossovers are Great for Sales, Awful for New Readers


On my lunch break today, I decided to catch up on a few books I had fallen behind on.  Among them was Silk.  I picked up the latest issue, branded with the “Last Days of…” banner given to all Marvel mainline Secret Wars tie-ins, and while I missed the cleanliness of regular artist Stacy Lee’s lines, I found […]


Micky Moran Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Pull for 9/2/15


Team Comics Beat, the world’s most important comic book website ever to grace the internet, sought out adventure and fun after a hard work week.  However, we were graced with the appearance of Micky Moran. As soon as he entered the halls within the residence of the Stately Beat Manor we knew that he was none-other-than […]


Humphries and Del Mundo Introduce 16-Year Old Becca to Weirdworld


Marvel has just announced more details on the post-Secret Wars ongoing series for Weirdworld taking place in the All-New, All-Different Universe launching immediately after the publishing event. The series is switching creative teams from writer Jason Aaron to Sam Humphries of Legendary Star-Lord fame — previous Weirdworld artist Mike Del Mundo is returning to the […]


Vanesa R. Del Rey and Aja join Robinson on Scarlet Witch


Marvel recently announced that writer James Robinson would be tackling an upcoming solo series starring the Scarlet Witch spinning out of her on-screen debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Initially…the comic did not have an interior artist,  however, news came yesterday from Newsarama that Hit: 1957 artist Vanessa R. Del Rey will be pencilling the first […]


Interview: Paul Johnson on “Mercy,” “Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight,” and “The Invisibles”

79905-0 Mercy-rklowres 1

by Alex Dueben Paul Johnson worked in comics for a relatively short time, but during those years, the British artist and painter worked with some of the most talented writers in comics. His collaborators included Neil Gaiman (Books of Magic), James Robinson (London’s Dark, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight), Grant Morrison (The Invisibles), Steve […]


DC’s $4.99 Line Is Already Here


With all the talk about comics prices, the number of $4.99 #1 issues in the Marvel relaunch and the general chaos over at DC right now, it might interest you to know that DC already has a line of $4.99 comics.  If you didn’t know that, you probably weren’t looking in the right place.  These […]


Starbrand and Nightmask Enroll in Empire State University after Secret Wars


Marvel has just decided to give a pair of newly reintroduced Avengers heroes their own title: Starbrand & Nightmask. The pair first appeared in the Marvel Universe in the ‘1980s in the alternate reality known as the New Universe. Starbrand was originally created by Jim Shooter, while Nightmask was created by Archie Goodwin. The new title is […]


The Guardians Family Welcomes an Infinite Amount of Heroes


Marvel is mixing up the publishing line with the surprise addition of another book in the Guardians of The Galaxy family: Guardians of Infinity. broke the news. Previous Guardians author Dan Abnett is returning to the franchise with an art team including Marvel star Carlo Barberi on art. The roster includes new and old Guardians favorites: Drax, Rocket Raccoon, […]