Ryan North, Christopher Hastings and Anthony Clark to create Galaga comic for Shiftylook


As announced on a livestreamed video feed in which a giant cardboard Ryan North loomed over helpless Anthony Clark and Christopher Hastings, the trio will be producing a Galaga comic for Shiftylook comics.

Digital orphans: Sony’s PSP digital comic store closes


Early in, early out. Sony’s PSP-based digital comics shop is officially closing at the end of the month. Comics will be unavailable to purchase after October 30. Previous purchases will still be available until mid-January 2013, and “After this date, users will no longer be able to re-download any previously purchased content.” The PSP store […]

Shifty Look announces Katamari webcomic

The Shifty Look webcomic portal has just announced a Katamari comic by Alex Culang and Raynato Castro, the duo behind the site’s Buttersafe. Launched this summer, Shifty Look is dedicated to resurrecting old NamCo Bandai video game properties as webcomics. Katamari Damacy is of course the much-beloved video game where players roll a giant magnetic ball around to pick up crap and rebuild the sky. You could say it’s a literary nerd classic, and these designs are adorable.

The number of American video gamers is….shrinking???

A new survey shows console sales are down! Suggesting that the US gaming audience is shrinking, with a mere 211.5 million people playing video games in 2012, as opposed to 223 million in 2012.

Legend of Zelda displaces 50 Shades of Grey on Amazon Bestseller list

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia a Dark Horse-published compilation of notes, artwork and even a comic about the Nintendo classic, which hasn’t even been released yet has, for the moment anyway, displaced the juggernaut 50 Shades of Grey atop Amazon’s bestseller list.

Angry Birds introduces Pink Bird for back to school update

Pink Bird’s power involves exploding into a gust of floating bubbles. As pink things do.

Video Game Sexual Harassment 101

And you thought comics had it bad. It’s been a banner year for video game sexual harassment—or at least video game sexual harassment awareness. The Anita Sarkeesian Kickstarter and subsequent online abuse has been well documented, and it’s been discussed so much that the Times is ON it with a piece that nonetheless serves as a good round-up. This is the last frontier, as anonymity and youth add up to a culture of harassment—which spills over into the real world as when a female gamer was harassed by the captain of her own team IRL (above.) The Times says it’s gone so far even video game makers are trying to do something:

SDCC 2012: outside report– Cryptozoic Store

Stopped by the Cryptozoic pop up at 411 Market Street and things are hopping with free zombie make-up, game demos and signings. Tonight there’s a big launch party for The Look-outs. It’s a good spot for chillaxing and chatting and gaming.

HMDD/SDCC2012: J. Michael Straczynski Creates Studio JMS

J. Michael Straczynski has announced the formation of a new studio which will create comics, films, TV, video games, more; also announces revival of his ‘Joe’s Comics’ imprint for Image; next will create world peace before flying off into space, searching for more worlds to conquer.

SDCC 12: Shifty Look's arcade and Chuck's mini-con

Yet another carnival! This one, as we understand it, is set up next to the Gaslamp Hilton in that area where the Scott Pilgrim Experience once stood. It’s a video game arcade set up by ShiftyLook. Details below, but the pr notes that the Shifty Look panel will feature Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub and an announcement so…add it up.


Angry Birds Space, trailer above, which offers revised physics and gameplay to the time-tested time suck, is out today! Forbes says it’s a key launch for Rovio:

ShiftyLook announces two more webcomics

ShiftyLook, the Namco/Bandai webcomics portal devoted to re-presenting old and revamped games as webcomics, has announced two more properties: ALIEN CONFIDENTIAL and ROCKET FOX, both of which are being developed as games for smartphones and tablets.

Avengers Alliance only the first step for Disney

Disney’s Facebook-based AVENGERS ALLIANCE game is a new direction for them, Variety writes, as they are putting more effort into these lucrative, reliable social media game as opposed to the volatile console game market:

Avengers Alliance Launches on Facebook

Avengers Alliance is now live on Facebook. This is basically Mafia Wars with superheroes. You’re a SHIELD agent. You recruit superheroes (initially Iron Man, Hawkeye and the Black Widow) to go on missions with you. The story arc involves chasing around Hydra and meteorite fragments as you beat up henchmen and fight bosses like Whiplash and Viper.

Namco/Bandai launches webcomics portal: ShiftyLook

Okay, now it’s video games that are using comics to revive their dormant properties; only, fittingly, they’re using webcomics, because those are two great tastes that go great together. Clever. Namco/Bandai has launched ShiftyLook with SKY KID, by Jim Zub and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, via UDON, and XEVIOUS by Mike Costa and Mike Norton via Cryptozoic Entertainment, with a third title imminent, as shown by a big empty spot on the website. Both are old ’80s console games long unseen.

Angry Birds Space coming in March; Epic to launch for tablet

As we told you EXCLUSIVELY a few weeks ago, there are a few new Angry Birds games coming along, notably Angry Birds Space, which will debut on March 22: