The Game Awards is coming soon, here’s some of our picks.


On December 1st the gaming industry puts on their version of the Oscars when Geoff Keighley brings the annual Game Awards to your favorite streaming service. This past week, all the nominees were announced including the categories fans can go vote for. Here are just a few of the top categories as well as our picks. […]

Episode Four of BATMAN: THE TELLTALE SERIES Promises Major Crossroad


Today, Telltale Games have announced the release date for episode four of their critically acclaimed episodic Batman game. Episode 4: ‘Guardian of Gotham’ will be available digitally worldwide starting Tuesday, November 22nd on PC from the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other digital distribution services, on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and on […]

Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Two Movies for the Price of One?


I walked into Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them expecting I might have a few problems. The first was a concern probably shared by many that I’d dub “The Hobbit Effect” – a concern that drawing five movies out of a very small piece of source material meant we were in for a slog of barely-there plot intended to keep drawing us to the franchise until we hit retirement.

What?!? When!?!: Your Updated Comics Cinema Calendar, Disney Edition


The official Disney Blog, Oh My Disney!, has just posted new release dates for Disney movies! Now, I don’t really post the full list anymore (because Warners is too chicken to place dates on their superhero movies), but here’s the Disney timeline through 2020: 2017 Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) (3D): 3/17 Born in […]

Making Deadpool gave Ryan Reynolds a nervous breakdown


Deadpool has been in the news of late with the departure of director Tim Miller from the sequel. According to reports, Miller wanted more visual razzmatazz (and Kyle Chandler as Cable) while Reynolds wanted to focus on the raunchy humor and a different Cable. While it sounds like a bumpy road, don’t forget, Reynolds is […]