Does anyone care if there are comics at a comic-con?

While we were checking out our ego Google alert, we found a response to our brief critique of a piece on the Anaheim Comic-Con that didn’t mention a single comics type person. The writer of the piece, one Matt Patches, says he was right to stay mute on comics, because everyone expects to find comics and cartoonists at a comic-con so it is not noteworthy enough to report:

Anaheim Comic-Con acting like they have nothing to do with Wizard

Speaking of con wars, this rather odd story from UGO goes on and on about how great this weekend’s Anaheim Comic-Con is going to be, without ever mentioning of the fact that it is part of the Wizard World Tour:

Captain America reshoots involve New York, Nick Fury — SPOILERS

Chris Evans and Sam Jackson were doing something this weekend in Times Square. It is believed to involve Joe Johnstone, director of the Cap movie, although um, duh Cap and Fury, that could also equal the Avengers movie, which just went into production. So….since this is set in the modern day, you can kind of add it all up….and figure it out.

Reality Rocks Expo: The video horror

Just in case you wanted MORE evidence of how horrible a comic-con without the comcis would be, here is a VIDEO of that disastrous Reality Rocks Expo we told you abut that featured scores of reality TV stars milling around a bleak, deserted LA Convention Center. Current TV’s Ben Hoffman files a hilarious report that reveals just how much reality stars revel in their vapidity. All that is missing is a little cannibalism and you’d have an outtake from THE ROAD.

Reality stars show bust may prove you need the "Comic" in Comic-con after all

While comics sales may be soft these days, one aspect of the comics lifestyle is still booming: the ever humble comic-con has gone from an affair centered on a few bearded guys in t-shirts sitting behind some yellowing longboxes to what is the modern equivalent of the county fair: a chance to dress up, take pictures, meet nerd people, and buy nerd shit. Comic-cons around the country are booming, with sell-outs, constant media coverage and enthusiastic reports from people of every gender and age.

Despite this upswing, there is some grumbling among the original comics folks about how movies and TV stars are taking over the comic-cons — and not just at San Diego where the Hollywood hype machine throws an annual three- ring circus/orgy of promotion. Reed Pop’s shows — NYCC and C2E2 — have been traditionally lighter on movie panels and nerdlebrities signing autographs, but even the announcement of a few guys from Ghost Hunters threw up alarm bells. Plus, even at real comic-cons the major media coverage always centers on costumes and nerdlebrities — and that’s annoying.

Johnny Depp strangely attracted to the Sub-Mariner

As excuse to find pictures of Namor (by Marko Djurdjevic) and Johnny Depp? Why not.

Stay away from us, Russell Brand

Skanky English comedian Russell Brand has a superhero dream, we’re told.

“I wore George Clooney’s Batman suit. There were areas where his sweat had accumulated, which I would have had near me, so maybe I have some Clooney power soaked in by osmosis into my perineum,” he joked.

Please, just stay away.

Gothy, grown-up Hermione

It is nice to see that Emma Watson has grown into the lovely young lady we always hoped she would be. Now if she can just avoid drugs, bulimia and Noel Fielding. Maybe she can star in a comic book movie next!

We interrupt this blog for drool

Tom Hardy, lately of INCEPTION, has joined the Christopher Nolan repertory company with a role in the upcoming BATMAN 3 movie. No word on who he’ll play, but women everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

Liefeld shows off Liefeld pose for Penny Arcade

The folks at Penny Arcade are running “Rob Liefeld Pose” * contest to promote the Liefeld inspired video game Comic Jumper. And artist Rob Liefeld entered it himself.

There are many here among us

Once again, I’m on Watchtower duty here at Stately Beat Manor on Friday night.  A tremendous thunderstorm rages around me, and I wonder, “Is this turret grounded?” Heidi continues to report from the front lines, embedded with the various tribes attending Comic-Con International: San Diego. It’s Raining On Prom Night Entertainment Tonight reports that Jerry […]

The day at CON: Helen Mirren salutes Harvey Pekar

Classy lady! Helen also commented on the late Harvey Pekar by wearing a shirt with his name. “It was a great graphic artist and I want to salute him today,” she said.

While all the women came and went

While the ever-fashionable, erudite, and hobnobbing Beatrix navigates the nerd herd of Comic-Con, I continue Watchtower duty her at stately Beat Manor, munching on Double Stuff Oreos and quaffing Diet Mountain Dew.  Once again, I have found the unusual and unseen, because that’s what Comic-Con is all about… discovering that which you never knew existed. […]

Mashup for the day

We’re sure this has been around forever, but we just saw it at ArtPatient.

Torpedo Comics in fire sale

Hit records and stellar nerdlebirty status aren’t always enough to steer a retail ship through the shoals of hard business realities. System of a Down’s drummer John Dolmayan apparently learned that the hard way, as this sale for Torpedo Comics shows. The online retailers inventory and even domain name are being auctioned off to pay creditors.

And what DOES Shaft think about cosplayers, anyway?

If you read ONE local paper story about a comic-con/nerdlerbrity fest/back issue bonanza, it should be this one by Micaela Hood in the Miami Herald on this weekend’s Supercon, because it nicely captures the peaceful intermingling of the fans in their homemade costumes, the dealers selling stickers, and the aging stars with nowhere else to go. As “Comic-Con” has become a brand name for an entrainment event where you can expect all this and MORE, the various strata of con-world must learn to live with one another. Just what IS going through Richard “Shaft” Roundtree’s mind, anyway?