Hollywood Mystery: Someone is trying to take Kevin Feige down a notch or two


Do you like a mystery? I thought so! Here’s a good one. If you ask anyone around the Hollywood water cooler about who is the envy of tinsel town, most people would say it’s Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. His handling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been little short of genius from a box office perspective, taking obscure properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and making them household names, and boosting even mediocre material like Ant-Man to “Hey that was really fun!” reactions. But is this true?

Showbiz news: PACIFIC RIM 2 nabs Boyega, SUPERGIRL will introduce Superman


It’s a busy Monday, and there’s a couple of worthwhile bits of entertainment news of interest for the comics crowd: – I’ve been pretty vocal about this in the past, but I was never the biggest fan of Pacific Rim, despite some very nice Guy Davis concept work, and that neon Blade Runner aesthetic that […]

New Teenage Mutant Turtles 2 film is yet another underwhelming sequel


Could it be that Hollywood’s junkie-like reliance on sequels could be coming to an end? A series of so-so-sequels, many based on comics, tallied another disappointing chit with this weekend’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadowstook. Produced by Michael Bay, the film was #1 at the box office but with a moribund $35.25 million, on a production cost of $135 million. X-Men Apocalyse was #2 with $22.3 million, a 66% drop that’s typical for sequels but further evidence of a softening market:

Jena Malone Seen on Screen in Trailer for Extended Cut of BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE


Because sitting through the nearly three hour film once certainly isn’t enough, right? You know you want to watch an extended version of Snyder’s magnus opium with over half an hour of additional footage, right? You know it’s cool that this “Ultimate Edition” is rated R, right? Oh, and did we mention that the ultimate edition […]

Report: Brie Larson is the top choice for CAPTAIN MARVEL


This year’s Oscar Best Actress winner for her remarkable performance in Room may be on the verge of headlining Marvel Studios first female-led big screen effort. According to a report in Variety, Brie Larson is in early negotiations to play the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the studio’s solo launch of the […]

Louise Simonson’s total awesomeness is noted everywhere — except the end credits of X-Men Apocalypse


This New York magazine profile of the great Louise Simonson found universal acclaim when it appeared yesterday. Not only is Weezie one of the nice people of the world, but an immensely talented writer/editor whose impact on comics history is undeniable, from co-creating Power Pack to co-creating Cable and Apocalypse and Steel and editing some […]

INTERVIEW: Joe Casey talks Sex, his indie Officer Downe film and why comics are not like Van Halen


  [Recently Joe Casey conducted an email interview with a writer for a now deceased site. I expressed an interest in running it on the Beat, but was unable to contact the original writer despite repeated attempts. As its general internet principle that the interviewee owns the written answers, I agreed to run Joe’s answers, as he’s […]

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE on track for $80 million over the 4-day weekend


The verdict is in from audiences and X-Men: Apocalypse has found itself garnering an estimated $65 million over its opening weekend, with its total racking up to $76-80 million for the 4-day holiday. Two years ago, X-Men: Days of Future Past opened in the same slot and grossed $110.5 million. While 80 is nothing to […]