LOST returns

Just a friendly reminder, LOST returns tomorrow in its new time slot: 10:00 (or 2200 if you prefer) ET.

In preparation, here are a couple interviews with the show’s producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.


TV Guide interview conducted by Jimmy Kimmel

There are likely plot points discussed in these, so be forewarned if you’re one of those “anti-spoiler” types.

Look for the usual day-after recap by the Beat’s Helper Monkey on Friday morning.

Posted by Mark Coale

LOST: The dead, not dead and NOT YET dead

NOT Kevin Johnson

Yes, Michael’s back. The worst-kept secret in TV is finally out in the open. So, how did Michael become Kevin Johnson? Let’s discuss after the jump.

WARNING: There will be discussion about who did and did not die in tonight’s episode. You’ve been warned. No griping.

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LOST: Romeo and Juliet


Juliet’s romantic history is not to the only Shakespeare connection in this week’s episode. More after the jump.
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LOST: King Faraday

No wonder he gets headaches.

Yes, we know, it was a Desmond episode. But how to describe what happened to Desmond last night in a tease without giving anything away until after the spoilers (since people seem to be sensitive about those things)?

Instead, we’ll give the pre-jump props to Daniel Faraday, the physicist who is now a lot more important to the overall plot of the show than we all thought after his introduction a few episodes ago.

MASSIVE SPOILERS await. You were warned.
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LOST: Baby Daddy issues

Where Maury Povich when you need him? LOST nerds spent most of last night’s show wondering who the father of Kate’s future baby was going to be. Sawyer? Jack? Ben?

As it turns out, like most of LOST, the answer is not that simple.

SPOILERS after the jump
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LOST: Episode FANTASTIC, FOUR more into the mix

one great heel

A quick placeholder for now. More coming soon. For now, let’s just say that Ben continues to be a great villain. We love the bad guys and he’s one of the best in current popular culture.

SPOILERS after the jump
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LOST: Who are the Oceanic Six?

Jack, the babyface you love to hate.

I know they are the good guys, but whenever I kept hearing the name, I kept thinking “Sinister Six.” Yes, super nerd here.

Anyway, Heidi gave you the LOST season premiere post the other day. So, here’s a place to talk about what happened in “The Beginning of the End.”


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