Lost: Open Thread

[Note: Due to a new work schedule, I was unable to watch this week’s episode of Lost in time to write the regular Day After column. We’ll cut and paste it in here sometime Thursday after getting caught up. For now, Let’s just call this an Open Thread.] Is this another week where a below […]

Lost: Uh…What?

Well, we got some answers tonight. There can probably never be enough answers given to satisfy some of the nerds out there watching, but we will always take what Lindelof and Cuse will give us on any given week. Let’s discuss those after the jump.

Weekend Newsy Notes

* Did Dr. Manhattan shoot his load the first weekend? Depending on whom you talked to this week, the opening weekend box office for WATCHMEN was great or underwhelming. Things look a little clearer after the first night of weekend number two. From Variety: Warner Bros./Paramount’s comic book epic “Watchmen” fell 78% from its opening […]

Lost: It’s déjà vu all over again

Is it just me, or do Jack and Kate become more unlikeable every episode where they are spotlighted? Let’s talk about them and some swerves from “The Little Prince” after the jump. There will be SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to know what happened tonight or you live some place where they don’t show […]