LOST: Paradox, Schmeradox

If you watched last week’s episode, you know where this is going. So let’s get right to it.

Lost: Uh…What?

Well, we got some answers tonight. There can probably never be enough answers given to satisfy some of the nerds out there watching, but we will always take what Lindelof and Cuse will give us on any given week. Let’s discuss those after the jump.

Weekend Newsy Notes

* Did Dr. Manhattan shoot his load the first weekend? Depending on whom you talked to this week, the opening weekend box office for WATCHMEN was great or underwhelming. Things look a little clearer after the first night of weekend number two. From Variety: Warner Bros./Paramount’s comic book epic “Watchmen” fell 78% from its opening […]

Lost: I Got Your Back.

New characters. Births. Deaths. Time travel. Dharma Merlot. Beards (or lack thereof). All can be found in tonight’s episode, “La Fleur,” but what people should really want to talk about is ….

Lost: Which side is the right side?

I think, given the events of tonight’s show, I have finally found a way to encapsulate the Benjamin Linus vs. Charles Widmore struggle. More after the jump.

Lost 5X06: Hello Lamp post, whatcha knowin’?

Let’s get this out of the way. I missed the original airing of 316 tonight and am playing catch-up like the little tomato in Mia Wallace’s joke. To get tonight’s column done in the most expeditious way possible, it’s another “real time diary.” I hear this week’s show is a doozy, so let’s get on […]

Lost: That’s why they call it sacrifice.

Looks like the episode title, “This Place is Death,” was no idle threat. Discussion of death, life and everything after the jump. SPOILERS AHOY.

Lost: It’s déjà vu all over again

Is it just me, or do Jack and Kate become more unlikeable every episode where they are spotlighted? Let’s talk about them and some swerves from “The Little Prince” after the jump. There will be SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to know what happened tonight or you live some place where they don’t show […]

Lost: “Nice to meet you.”

Looks like we have a new mystery on our hands. That and so much more after the jump….

Lost 5X01: What if I were real?

A little action, a lot of talking and some very weird things. That’s the short version of tonight’s two-hour premiere of Lost. Let’s jump to the spoilery stuff, shall we? You’ve been warned.

Lost: Got to get ourselves back to the island

Hopefully, you’ve been watching your Season Four DVDs, because tonight, Lost returns. (I guess you could watch that clipshow episode that’s on at 8 pm before the season premiere.) This preview is SEASON FIVE SPOILER FREE, but everything else old is fair game to be discussed here, since this will be your quick primer to […]

LOST: It’s Just a Jump to the Left

Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who might be dead? Who’s dead but still appeared in tonight’s episode? Let’s get to it. SPOILERS, of course…

LOST: Season Finale Pre-Hash

Don’t forget, people: Set those DVRs for an extra hour (or two). Tonight’s season finale starts at 9 ET. And they are replaying the part of the finale at 8 ET, which contains extra footage from the press conference. We’re supposed to get some answers to some big questions tonight (like who’s in the coffin […]

Lost Cabin fever

Your humble Helper Monkey had to stay up past his bedtime to watch tonight’s spooky episode, so let’s get right to it.

LOST: Ugh, a Jack episode.

Sadly, this week centered around everyone’s least-favorite castaway. Let’s see if we can find some stuff to talk about anyway.

LOST: The Hunt is On.

Well, that was quite the one hour of serialized episodic television. Let’s just put the jump here and get on with it. SPOILERS THERE BE