Lost, Simpsons style

Meet our new wallpaper! The core Lost cast Simpsonized right down to the rubble. Found via Vulture, but the source is Springfield Punx, a site which Simpsonizes characters and people from all over the place. Now all we need is a Lego version of a Simpsonized Lost character and you’d have the perfect artifact of […]

LOST art galleries

With its strong characters, endlessly debatable themes and memorable set pieces, LOST is becoming quite the inspiration for a lot of art. We already linked to Vera Brosgol’s Flickr set, now here’s a companion piece from Graham Annable above with “Foggy Memories of Lost”. Bonus, Van Jensen was inspired to create his own poster.

Lost: Nothing’s Irreversible.

Time once again for the “Lost” running diary after the jump. Spoilers ahoy, you are forewarned. A brief mention about the clip show before the premiere. Michael Emerson could probably spend the rest of his career doing voice-overs. So very great.

Happy Los- er, Groundhog Day

Finally, that day we’ve been waiting for all year. The season premiere of Lost. I mean, Groundhog Day. Click to see the rest of that rodent-filled cartoon by the great creator of Cul de Sac, Richard Thompson. As for Lost, yes, the recap/discussion thread will return tomorrow for this last season of nerdville’s favorite television […]

Let’s review: Lost Season 5

While a reviewing of Lost Season 5 may not be entirely necessary to enjoy next week’s final season premiere, it should be undertaken anyway because it’s simply fantastic TV. After five seasons, the acting, writing and directing have cohered into a focused unit; the characters and situations have become so clearly laid out that the […]