Lost goes all Silmarillion on us

Just to make sure no one skips buying the complete Lost on DVD and Blu-Ray (out August 24) ABC is including a bunch of added scenes that explain who did what to who now, as Kristin Dos Santos reports. The centerpiece will be a kind of “Tale of Hurley and Ben” which follows the two […]

Steven Murray’s Lostipedia

While your recovering from the emotional overload of last night’s Lost finale, you can say goodbye just a little more with this interactive guide to all the characters and how they died from the National Post’s Steven Murray, a.k.a. Chip Zdarsky.

Lost — And then there was one

One episode to go. Let’s discuss “What They Died For” after the jump. spoilers ahoy.

This ‘n’ that

Housekeeping notes: • The OLD Beat is up at a new URL: whenmonkeysattack.com. Believe it or not we’re still trying to get all the old posts imported into the newer Beat, but it looks like I’ll have to clean up the database by hand which will take….well, there were over 8800 posts at the Old […]

Lost: Mother and Child Reunion

We’re sure there will be plenty of debate about “Across the Sea.” Let’s just get to it.

Lost: The Candidate

You fine readers of Heidi’s blog can’t tell, but this column is being written on vacation in Western Canada. So, for once, the helper monkey is watching hours after everyone on the net (including the Beat) has been posting and tweeting about tonight’s episode. After the jump… Meet The Candidates (and I don’t mean Robert Redford or Phil Mickelson).

Lost: The Animated Series fan art

Waitaminnit! That Slaterman23 is quite the busy bee — he’s also designed a Lost: The Animated Series poster. Click for larger image! Looking at this, it’s obvious that Lost is MADE for an animated spin-off…who will be the first to draw the model sheets for LOST BABIES? Speaking of Lost, shooting of the final episode […]

Lost: The Last Recruit

I guess tonight’s episode proves you can’t trust anyone, can you? Discuss away.

Lost: Boom goes the dynamite

Discuss last night’s Lost episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo”, here. More analysis Thursday.

Lost: "Happily Ever After"

Well, not at all what most of us expected, I would hazard a guess to say. Let’s discuss after the break, shall we.

Lost Episode 6×06 — The Bad Sayid

Well, well. Things are really happening. While we’re waiting for Mark Coale’s official write-up, here are a few of our own quick observations. SPOILERS BELOW THE BREAK!!

Lost, Simpsons style

Meet our new wallpaper! The core Lost cast Simpsonized right down to the rubble. Found via Vulture, but the source is Springfield Punx, a site which Simpsonizes characters and people from all over the place. Now all we need is a Lego version of a Simpsonized Lost character and you’d have the perfect artifact of […]

Is “Lost Island” attraction on its way at Disneyland?

Some Lost personnel were just at the Paleyfest yakking about their continuing anxiety over upcoming fan reaction to the final season, and they also let this thrilling news drop: Since few fans really expected major secrets to creep off the island during this friendly panel, the most exciting bit of news for series fans might […]

I’m crazy ’bout my baby

Crazy Claire certainly appears to be just that, doesn’t she? Let’s discuss it after the jump.

LOST art galleries

With its strong characters, endlessly debatable themes and memorable set pieces, LOST is becoming quite the inspiration for a lot of art. We already linked to Vera Brosgol’s Flickr set, now here’s a companion piece from Graham Annable above with “Foggy Memories of Lost”. Bonus, Van Jensen was inspired to create his own poster.

Lost: The List of Jacob’s Messenger

Well, Lindelof and Cuse had teased a return of the numbers. And well…., let’s discuss it after the jump.