Yes, there is a new Doctor Who trailer

And here it is. DALEKS.

Doctor Who + Diana Rigg = Going To Happen

Here’s some news that broken prior to Comicon. Diana Rigg, best known for her time as Emma Peel on The Avengers (the British spy show Mark Waid will adapting for BOOM!, not the Marvel movie) will be appearing on Doctor Who. Come to find out, she’s going to be doing an episode with her daughter, Rachel Stirling. That’s pretty much another royal wedding.

The Sonic Screw Driver (Doctor Who) Is Now REAL

If you’ve watched Doctor Who at any point in the… last several decades, you’ll likely be acquainted with The Doctor’s favorite tool, the “sonic screwdriver,” which gets him out of all sorts of jams. Guess what? Scientists at Dundee University have finally gotten around to inventing the real thing.

The Dalek Wedding Cake (and Other SF Sweets)

Now normally, I’m one to eat food, not stare at it. This is where I might make an exception. You may have seen a Dalek Wedding Cake image floating around Twitter over the weekend. If not, guide left. Turns out that was just one of a sequence of several science fiction/robot themed cakes, including:

The Dalek Relaxation Tape

Doctor Who is filming in England, but what have the Daleks been up to since last they were seen. Hit play, if you dare.

March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!

Cursing the basketball gods because your bracket is broken? Searching for a tournament bracket which better suits your knowledge base? We present a multitude of 2012 non-sports tournaments, from popular culture, food, and corporate America!

Lost and Found: Two More Missing Doctor Who Episodes From the '60s Surface

This is going to sound silly, but up until 1978, the BBC didn’t put a high priority on keeping archives of their old TV series. As a result, a _lot_ of TV shows from the dawn of British television through the mid-1970s have been erased and gone missing. Roughly speaking, about 40% of the first six seasons of Doctor Who have gone missing. It’s so bad, only 6 of the 21 storylines with second Doctor Patrick Troughton have all their episodes in possession of the BBC.

DR WHO: “a pile of good things and bad things”

This afternoon marks the end of season 31 of DOCTOR WHO, or season 1 of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) if you are watching it on the BBC. Bookmark this column for a few weeks if you are watching on BBC America or elsewhere around the world. No spoilers (sweetie) for tonight’s finale, but potential […]

The Matt Smith Dr. Who era begins (now in US)

UPDATE: Episode One airs tonight in the US on BBC America. It is preceded by a clip/preview show with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Episode three aired today in the UK.  All we will say is “toyetic.” Reminder:  Season One/Season 31 of Dr. Who (exec producer Steven Moffat says don’t call it Season Five) with […]