Humble Bundle offers Doctor Who bundle


Humble Bundle is at it again, this time with a collection of Doctor Who comics, including seven books of collected comics, and a game. You can pay what you wish and a portion of the price will go to Doctors without Borders. Once again, all good. The first comics Humble Bundle, featuring Image Comics, did very well, as we reported yesterday. Details below:

Titan Announce “Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor” and “Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor”


Titan were announced as the new owners of the Doctor Who license last year, spurring many to wonder what their plans with the franchise would be. As it turns out, their plan is to have two books based on the space-travelling Time Lord, both of which have been announced today.

The Doctor Who Comic License Heads To Titan Comics


Doctor Who, that bloke in a box whose TV series roared back this last decade for a whole new audience of sci-fi fans, will be heading to Titan Comics in 2014. This follows a run of comics published through IDW, and the new deal will see Titan and the BBC working together to produce comics […]

Matt Smith Pulls the Plug On Doctor Who – The Final Regeneration Is Upon Us?


You don’t get a whole lot more official than the BBC announcing an actor is vacating the lead role in Doctor Who and that’s just what happened today, when it was announced that Matt Smith will be regenerating in the 2013 Christmas special. (If you’re unfamiliar with the nearly 50 year old show, which recently […]

March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!


Once again, it’s that time of year again!  Sports geeks speculate who will make the Big Dance, who got snubbed, and who will be the Cinderella Team this year.  Billions of dollars are wagered on the outcomes, as casual fans contemplate the 68 teams and fill out numerous brackets. It’s not uncommon among comics fans […]

Siegel and Shuster attorney to court: It’s over


News reports are circulating that the Siegel and Shuster heirs have asked the lower court to dismiss DC’s copyright lawsuits. What actually happened is rather different.

Review: The Many Faces of DOCTOR WHO: PRISONERS OF TIME #1


If you somehow didn’t know it already, then this is breaking news for you: this year marks the 50th anniversary of the longest running science fiction TV show in the world: Doctor Who. Long-running in some cases might mean plodding, but not in this case. The Doctor’s recent incarnation, actor Matt Smith, became the first […]

Scratching the Surface of Thought Bubble 2012


This weekend saw Thought Bubble 2012’s convention, and…. phew, it was busy. I did my best to talk to everybody, but don’t think I managed to get to even half of all the people who were there. It was a brilliant show, and I’ll try to do justice to it with my rundown. Get ready….!

The Missing Scene From the Last Episode of Doctor Who


When the last episode on Doctor Who aired a few weeks ago, companions Amy and Rory left the Doctor (and the show)… but nobody bothered to explain to Rory’s father, a re-occurring character, where they’d gone to.  It turns out that scene was written, but not filmed.  The BBC has released the animated storyboards for […]

Studio Coffee Run 9/28/12: Looper, The Walking Dead, Thor: The Dark World, etc.


Looper is already killing it with the critics, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore reach an undisclosed settlement concerning Moore’s involvement with The Walking Dead, pic-o-mania for Kickass 2, Thor: The Dark World, and The Wolverine plus much more after the jump…

Doctor Who Season 7 (Part I) Episode Titles and Posters


By Todd Allen It’s that time again.  Doctor Who starts up again on Saturday (BBC America if you’re stateside).  There are some posters out to promote the first five episodes.

The Legal View: Ticket crashes and the Tardis


Ticketfails have become as much a part of fandom as slashfic and cosplay. While PR flubs and angry complaints get a fair bit of attention, the crash of ticket sales for last week’s promotion of a Doctor Who premiere in New York also illustrates the potential for legal problems.

A few thoughts on the legal dimension of online event ticketing — and why it matters — after the jump.

Yes, there is a new Doctor Who trailer


And here it is. DALEKS.

Doctor Who + Diana Rigg = Going To Happen


Here’s some news that broken prior to Comicon. Diana Rigg, best known for her time as Emma Peel on The Avengers (the British spy show Mark Waid will adapting for BOOM!, not the Marvel movie) will be appearing on Doctor Who. Come to find out, she’s going to be doing an episode with her daughter, Rachel Stirling. That’s pretty much another royal wedding.

The Sonic Screw Driver (Doctor Who) Is Now REAL


If you’ve watched Doctor Who at any point in the… last several decades, you’ll likely be acquainted with The Doctor’s favorite tool, the “sonic screwdriver,” which gets him out of all sorts of jams. Guess what? Scientists at Dundee University have finally gotten around to inventing the real thing.

The Dalek Wedding Cake (and Other SF Sweets)


Now normally, I’m one to eat food, not stare at it. This is where I might make an exception. You may have seen a Dalek Wedding Cake image floating around Twitter over the weekend. If not, guide left. Turns out that was just one of a sequence of several science fiction/robot themed cakes, including: