New Black Lightning Archive: DC, Tony Isabella Reconcile

Black Lightning 4

“Dogs and cats, living together!” – that’s what immediately popped into my mind yesterday when I read Tony Isabella praising DC on Facebook for how it was treating him in regard to Black Lightning.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 5/10/10

§ If you’re wondering wondering what happened to the Pepper-kisses-Iron Man’s-helmet scene from the IRON MAN 2 trailer that was nowhere to be found in the movie, Gavok’s Iron Man 2: The Deleted Scenes has a lot of answers by comparing the novelization of the movie (based on an early version of the screenplay) to the finished version: The most obvious removal is the scene of Pepper kissing Tony’s helmet and throwing it out the aircraft as he tells her, “You complete me!”

…Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think that the combination of that scene would have led to a big wave of racial awkwardness if left unchanged.

…In a comic book store, if you’re focusing primarily on periodical comics, and that’s still a significant portion of everybody’s business, every single week you’re getting somewhere between 60 and 100 comics that aren’t interchangeable the way chocolate ice cream is with another ice cream.

…A few images from the Conan set in Bulgaria have leaked out , and apparently ancient CImmeria has been dressed to look like Camden, New Jersey. 201005100331.jpg § A New Zealand newspaper takes umbrage at the way J.

Catching up with Gerard and Clive!

Hm, Let’s see, FMB is in Blighty for BICS*, so maybe it’s time to sneak a peak at some…old friends. Whatever happened to dear, dear Gerard Butler, we hear you asking? Well, aside from being linked to all kinds of Hollywood hotties, and scuffling with seniors at the dog park, he’s also starring in about […]

Gerard Butler resurrection?

The 300 sequel is actually moving along, according to an interview with producer Mark Canton at Splash Page. It seems Frank and Zack are cooking something up. — 301 or 600 or 299 or something — but perhaps…a familiar set of abs will make a reappearance? But if you’re thinking that no sequel could ever […]

Golden Globes wrap-up

It all went according to the script: Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for DARK KNIGHT, WALL*E won for Best Animated Film and in a little surprise, WALTZ WITH BASHIR won for Best Foreign Film. (Mickey Rourke also won Best Actor in a Dramatic role for THE WRESTLER, and thanked his dogs because the guy […]

300 sequel fact or fiction?

News flooded out everywhere yesterday that Frank Miller is working on a graphic novel SEQUEL to 300, the pop culture phenomenon that added the cry “THIS IS SPARTA!” to the ranks of movie catchphrases for lunkheads. Zack Snyder wants to direct and Legendary is on board. While exciting news for fans of digitally enhanced abdominals, […]