Comichron: Top Seven publishers have cut their slates by 12%


By John Jackson Miller (reprinted with permission from Comichron) There have been many Black Panther series over the years from Marvel, but the title has never been one to appear near the top of the sales charts. In April, the new series from Ta-Nahisi Coatesand Brian Stelfreeze not only was the comic book most ordered […]

Black Panther is #1 but comics sales continue to slip in April


If you were looking for signs that comics sales are getting out of their funk in 2016, April’s Diamond figures didn’t help. Black Panther #1 was the top selling comic, as expected, but a  16.19% drop in dollars and 21.49% drop in units from April 2015 was steep. Wonder Woman Earth One was the number one graphic novel; […]

Marvel Comics Month-to Month Sales March 2016: SPIDERS DON’T LIVE IN A CESSPOOL, BUT IN DEAD POOLS!


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please address your complaints to my you-can-fire-and-insult-your-employee-for-being-gay-because-eh-he’s-a-hairdresser country. If this memorable French court decision hasn’t reached your side of the ocean, I’d be delighted to share it with you in the comment section. As expected, […]

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales March 2016: Nifty Fifty


by David Carter Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures. This is month that DC released the fiftieth issues for most of the surviving New 52 launch titles (exceptions being Batgirl, Flash, & Justice League, which are running behind…) They celebrated by releasing special Batman v Superman freely-orderable […]

UPDATED: Comics and diverse characters : where the sales are


I don’t have a lot of time today (or any day) so this is going to be quick and dirty. But a piece by Adam Frey at a site called Pop Culture Uncovered –Comics: You’ve Got Your Diversity, So Why Don’t You Buy Them?  – has got a lot of people riled up. And I will explain why. […]

Batman and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers lead March Sales


      Marvel remained the #1 publisher accoridng to sales figures just released by Diamond, but they lost some of their dollar share from February, as Boom gained a little market share. Boom’s big win was a #2 slot on the periodical chart for the first issue of their surprise hit Mighty Morphin’ Power […]