Book-Con! Lots of Great New Graphic Novels at Book Expo America!


Book Expo America happens every year, and I take time off from work to wander Javits to see what’s new and interesting (this year’s Zeitgeist: mustaches).

On the Scene: MoCCA Fest 2013, Words from the Market-Wise at the ‘Art as Profession’ Panel


Holding panels in the wood-panelled bowels of the Armory this year at MoCCA Fest did bring a certain gravitas to the proceedings even if the location was a little difficult to locate for the unfamiliar. When I arrived at the “Art as Profession: Creating, Promoting, and Making Money in Comics” panel at 11:30 on Sunday […]

Random Online Search of Comics Shops Shows Opportunities for Exploitation, Dominance


Ever since Diamond announced their Diamond Digital initiative, allowing comics shops to sell digital comics to customers, I’ve  been wondering about the future of comics retailing, specifically, How well do comics shops market their stores online?

2012’s Best Selling Graphic Novels — The Individual Store Version

‘Tis the season for what the bestsellers of the previous year were.  And with it comes the annual opportunity to illustrate that tastes can be regional and different shops sell different titles.  Here’s the graphic novel edition of this phenomenon.   We’ll start out with Diamond’s top 10 list for graphic novels and then contrast […]

The Path to Becoming a Bestselling Graphic Novel

Mouse Guard

When I first began writing this column, my intent was to help creators and comics publishers understand the methods to the madness of landing a book on the bestseller lists. After the November 8th Beat posting of the NYT list showing several GN titles on the list, it’s really not a question of whether a […]

Grand Comics Tour: 2012: Omaha, Nebraska


Last year, on Black Friday, my 27-year-old nephew Parker and myself attempted a Grand Tour of visit comics retailer in the Omaha metropolitan area.  We didn’t succeed, but we visited most, and found lots of great comics, many on sale, and we even discovered a brand new store, Legend Comics, open just a few weeks! […]

Black Friday Gives Way To Small Business Saturday

small-business-saturday 2012

Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It’s covered to death by the media, analyzed relentlessly by Wall Street, and now rivals Thanksgiving Thursday for displays of excess, gluttony, and questionable individual behavior. Myself, having worked retail from 1994 to 2008 (and now behind the scenes), I’m much more interested in what I call “Green […]

Coming Attractions: Interlude


I’ll be posting a list of gift books in the next few days, so I’m doing some research over on, sorting graphic novels by price, highest to lowest. That’s when I discovered the following…

Diamond Modifies Initial Order Cancellation Guidelines

Via today’s Diamond Daily, a slight change to the year-old order minimum benchmarks; now, even if a product offered in Previews does not meet the benchmark, orders will still be processed for the first offering: In response to retailer feedback, Diamond is modifying its guidelines for cancelling retailers’ initial orders for underperforming products and merchandise […]

DC fights back with…more rings!

People have been wondering when DC would make some kind of move aimed at Marvel’s assault on their Lantern Ring promotion…and now they have. But instead of lashing out, they’ve done it in a, dare we say, grown up way — offering two new rings for an even LOWER order threshold on books that are […]

Marvel collects DC covers

As promised, photos of DC Blackest Night tie-in comics covers returned to Marvel, via Tom Brevoort’s Twitter. You kids play nice, now!

ComicsPRO announces Industry Appreciation Award nominees

The ComicPRO retailer organization has announced the formation of their Industry Appreciation Awards to honor individuals who have improved the direct market. PR below, more info here. The direct market remains the way most comic-book stories get from creator to fan. ComicsPRO, the largest organization of direct-market retailers, wants to honor those people who stand […]

The Big One:Twilight GN gets 350,000 first printing

Well gang, here is the game changer. Here is the bestseller. This is the book that’s going to drive all-new readers into comics shops, with full support of the publisher. Unfortunately it’s Twilight so the new readers are barbarian girls. Borders, get ready. has an excerpt of an exclusive interview with Stephenie Meyer and […]

And now, Marvel’s good deed of the day

Earlier in the week, Comix Experience retailer Brian Hibbs mentioned that a leaky toilet had flooded his store, and all but demolished his stock of Marvel Comics. His subsequent post, A Very Public Thank you to Marvel Comics shows that Marvel DOES listen…Hibbs was contacted by Marvel sales honcho David Gabriel and asked what was […]

Siege-for-Lanterns: So just why is Marvel all up in DC’s grill, anyway?

From the moment Marvel sent out its DC-tweaking press release late on Wednesday afternoon, Siege-for-Lanterns is Topic A at BarCon and in private chatter. Why? Why did Marvel turn the clock back to 2001-2, when Nü Marvel under Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada delighted in playing Scut Farkus to DC’s Ralphie at every opportunity — […]

Zenescope’s “Girl of the Month” contest gets some attention — UPDATED WITH PICS!!!

A little while ago we received an email from someone at Zenescope wondering why we don’t run more of their PR. In fact we had just received this gem the day before announcing the Zenescope Girl of the Month contest.   … calling all aspiring models, amateur models and fans who are interested in becoming […]