Pavia updates Tokyopop

ICV2 catches up with Tokyopop’s Associate Publisher, Marco Pavia, who updates their publishing plans. Part One: Just to be clear (I know there have been a lot of Internet rumors), we have not cancelled any series; we’ve really just adjusted the release pattern of certain series. This allows us to have a more narrowly focused […]

Manga news roundup; Tpop and Gentosha pact

ComiPress has an exhaustive guide to all the manga-related SD doings. Simon Jones has a guide to the guide. Among the interesting tiddle taddle-bits: Although absent from the show, Tokyopop announced a deal with Japanese publisher Gentosha Global manga giants TOKYOPOP and Gentosha Comics have entered into a worldwide partnership to advance the cause of […]

Morning Manga updates

§ Correction 8/13: These titles were announced as cancelled by a Tokyopop distributor, but ToykoPop has not announced them as cancelled as of yet: Tokyo Pop has announced it is cancelling thew following titles, all due for January ’09: Beyond the Beyond Volume 5 Blazin’ Barrels Volume 11 Karma Club Volume 2 Kat & Mouse […]

More on Tpop: WEHT Chuck Austen?

Well, speak of the devil. Benjamin Ong Pang Kean catches up with Chuck Austen and his erotic baseball manga BOYS OF SUMMER. Turns out after the first volume was pulled from retailers for the racy cover and interiors by hentai artist Hiroki Otsuka, all three volumes were completed, but two will never feel the touch […]

Mystery solved: why would anyone sign that Tokyopop Manga Pilot Program contract?

Benjamin Ong Pang Kean continues his look at the Tokyopop fallout with a look at the Manga Pilot program that created such a ruckus: NRAMA: Okay, guys. There’ve been much debates about the contract, or rather, “the pact”. We’re not going to go into legal terms and what-not here but what’re your initial/general thoughts on […]

Platinum and Tokyopop drama continues

Oh boy, will the drama never end. Dylan Squires, founder of Drunk Duck — the webportal purchased by Platinum Studios, and a source of some of its thousands and thousands of potential movie franchises — has left Platinum: I just want to let you all know that a short while ago I left Platinum Studios […]

Manga watch: Iris Print, Kodansha, etc.

§ Brigid links to the latest on yaoi publisher Iris Print, which, like several little boutique BL publishers, is not doing so hot, and has actually shut down: 1) Iris Print is shutting down. Unfortunately, the heartwarming support Iris’s readers have shown was too little too late. There was a large enough boost in sales […]

Yet MORE Tokyopop stuff

Following Friday’s announcement by Rivkah that much of Tokyopop’s OEL output would be moving to the web, some dissenting voices were heard. Christy Lijewski posted that her re:PLAY #3 will see print: Contrary to what all the manga and anime news sites are reporting not EVERY OEL from TokyoPop is canceled/direct to web.I’m happy to […]

Tokyopop updates

Rivkah talks to her editors: Just got off the phone with my editor, and it looks like not-so-good news for Steady Beat. In fact, it looks like not-so-good news for anybody who’s working with TP right now. I’m not sure how much I should say for fear of causing an outright panic with other creators, […]

Rumours updates: Kodansha, Tpop, Wizard, etc etc.

§ Japanator weighs in on the Kodansha mystery with a pretty unequivocable Rumor squashed: Kodansha not making a move into the US market, based on a conversation with Ali Kokmen of Del Rey Manga. After a bit of a laugh at it, Ali told me that it was totally false. He was at BEA, and […]

Tokyopop letter to creators

Publisher Mike Kiley sent out this letter to Tokyopop creators yesterday: Hey, everybody (all TOKYOPOP Manga Creators) – As many of you have no doubt heard by now, we have announced some changes at TOKYOPOP this week. We understand that this announcement may have created some uncertainty for you and we wanted to reach out […]

Yet more on Tokyopop

OEL creators are beginning to talk about what’s happening. Rikki Simons: I haven’t heard otherwise, so I am assuming that ShutterBox is not part of the cut. In fact, we signed our schedule for ShutterBox Book Six last month, which requires that we turn in the first 25 pages by July 5th of this year. […]

Tokyopop layoff update

We’re hearing that editorial cuts at Tokyopop include Rob Tokar, Luis Reyes, Paul Morrissey, Hope Donovan and Tim Beedle. Which means the two editors in charge of the Manga Pilot Program. who were defending it just last week, are now gone. Oops. We’ve also heard that marketing and sales staff have been cut, rumored to […]

Update: Tokyopop

Okay as you may have heard by now, while we on the road, Tokyopop announced its split into two divisions: a publishing arm and a movie/multi-media line, called Tokyopop Media. They alaso announced the layoffs of 39 people, and a 50% reduction in their publishing line. A bunch of people have weighed in on this, […]

Trouble Ahead #1: Toykopop

Oh boy are there a lot of rumors swirling around Tokyopop! At BEA everyone had one. We’re not going to repeat any until we’ve had a chance to follow up on some of them, but our email is full of tales of woe and horror from creators — some of them frankly quite surprising to us […]

Tokyopop: the other side

Well, now that the moral outrage has subsided a bit, other folks are coming out to say that the Tokyopop Pilot Program pact isn’t that bad.Editors Paul Morrissey and Hope Donovan speak in a press release which manages to both be written in standard English and make some vital points that did not come across […]