Titan To Publish Graphic Novel Based on Capcom’s ‘Lost Planet’


Titan have announced that they’ll be publishing a graphic novel based on the Lost Planet series of video games from Capcom. Called Lost Planet: First Colony, the story will be written by Guillaume Dorison and illustrated by Massimo Dall’Oglio.

CLiNT Magazine Flames Out

clint dies

Over on CBR, Titan publishing have announced that CLiNT magazine – the one established by Mark Millar, which was to promote and expand his ‘Millarworld’ brand – will end with issue 2.8 this month.

Titan Promote It Came! #1 with a look at The Trumpington Bugle


Titan continue to tease and promote their comics with a series of unique and different bits of media. With today seeing the release of It Came! #1, the first issue of Dan Boultwood’s 1950’s sci-fi film pastiche comedy, they’ve unveiled the front cover of 1948’s edition of The Trumpington Bugle newspaper.

Here’s All Our News from SDCC in One Place


One of the things heard most frequently this weekend online was ‘why is there no comic news coming out of SDCC’? You mean aside from the masses and masses of comics news which came out of the convention, right? The Beat covered basically every single comics company you can imagine, and we’ve still got a […]

SDCC’13: Titan Announce New Books from Larry Stroman, Victor Gischler and Pat Mills


I said to keep an eye out on Titan, and it appears the company have announced a whole range of new titles to add to their current roster. Amongst them will be Pat Mills’ Accident Man, as well as new titles from creators including Victor Gischler, Lavie Tidhar, Larry Stroman and Carl Potts.

Titan Tease ‘The New Titans’


Right! Back into it we go. Today will see the Titan panel at SDCC, as the company reflect on their very recent reinvention and new slate of releases. It looks like there will also be some new announcements on the way from the company too, judging from this teaser image:

Titan to Collect ‘Marada The She-Wolf’ by Chris Claremont and John Bolton

Marada The-She Wolf

Coming this November, Titan Comics have announced that they’ll be collecting together Chris Claremont and John Bolton’s series Marada The She Wolf. This will be the first time that the series has ever been collected in full, and will come with restored artwork from Bolton as well as concept sketches and other artwork.

Titan offers the Suicide Girls a Death Sentence


Titan Comics have really impressed with their creative and strange promotional tactics. From issuing military files which explained the details of their series ‘Chronos Commandos’ (complete with redactions and compromised photos) to the fake movie trailer for Dan Boultwood’s ‘It Came’, they’ve been trying some really fun and different things. Their latest bit of trickery […]

Titan Solicitations for July 2013

titan tomorrowland 2

Good morning, hungover Brits and Americans who are staying up far too late. And, of course, hello to all our other friends across the World, all of whom experience the joy of different time zones. Titan have released their solicitations for July, so in the spirit of The Brit Zone, here they are:

Titan Share ‘Frigid Terror’ of Upcoming Series IT CAME!

IT CAME! Cinema Poster

You send me something silly, you’re almost bound to see it show up on The Beat. Silly is the best of things to be! And Titan have been doing a rather great job with their promotional materials recently. Racing ahead of the release of Dan Boultwood’s new four-part miniseries IT CAME! – a parody of […]