Royal Historian of OZ finale only available in digital form

Only a few days ago, SLG announced they would be selling digital comics via iVerse, and, in a sign of the continuing difficult of selling small comics periodicals, they have announced that the final issue of ROYAL HISTORIAN OF OZ by Tommy Kovac and Andy Hirsch will only be available as a pdf download. Although low orders scuttled the final print issue, it will be available in the collected edition, which is due in September.

Slave Labor joins iVerse

Meanwhile Slave Labor, the long-running quirky comics publisher which has survived against all odds for over 20 years, has just teamed with iVerse to offer digital comics. We’ll vouch for MIDNIGHT SUN by Ben Towle, one of those Antarctic comics we’re so fond of, and the other initial offerings are sounds, as well, including the popular REX LIBRIS.

Coming Attractions: February 2011

February has only 28 days, but is jam-packed with lots of great graphic novels and related titles!

Warning… looking at what appears so far on, the rest of 2011 is going to be just as amazing! Click this link to discover more! (Sweet Kirby Crackle! Corto Maltese, in English, from Rizzoli?!) Better start shopping for bookshelves now.

A month of Previews: Elmer #1, part 1

I’m going to cheat here a little by breaking up the first chapter of ELMER, by Gerry Alanguilan, which is collected this month by Slave Labor. Originally published in the Philippines as a mini-comic, it’s many things: a bizarre SF social satire in the style of George Orwell or (as one reader suggested to me) Poul Anderson’s Brain Wave — and also Adam Hines’ recent Rex the Wonder Dog, which has some of the same themes treated very differently. It’s also a beautiful example of the Filipino komiks school, all lush penwork and atmosphere. it’s also just a good read.

Because it’s the whole first chapter I’m going to break it up over two days. Tune in tomorrow for the second part.