Another X Revisit in Secret Wars


Secret Wars gets more X-Men

Review: Crossing the Space Rubicon in SOUTHERN CROSS #1


Becky Cloonan does creator owned again and it’s the addictive equivalent of space cocaine.

A Tale of Three Kings: Ninjak #1 Review


Book 1 Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Clay Mann Inker: Seth Mann Colorist: Ulises Arreola Letterer: Dave Sharpe The Lost Files Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Butch Guice Colorist: Ulises Arreola Letterer: Dave Sharpe Ninjak #1 by Matt Kindt is the ongoing series that you’ve wanted ever since Valiant first relaunched in 2012. The highly sought after British […]

Legendary Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz is retiring


[Photo via Comicvine] After 25 years working on some of the most seminal comics of the era with many of the greatest creators, Diana Schutz is retiring on Friday, as announced in a talk with CBR’s Josie Campbell. Schutz is truly one of the legends of the business, a consummate professional, a visionary editor, and, […]

What is the Secret of Gene Luen Yang’s Superman?


Of all the comics projects announced this far from DC after Convergence, the one that arguably has fans the most excited is Superman from author Gene Luen Yang. The indie cartoonist will likely bring a different vibe to DC’s flagship character that will be focused on some of the ideas reflected in his own works like […]

Cheep comics: Marvel reveals covers for $1 budget introductory line True Believers


This story first dropped in January but we must have been having blizzard or something. Anyway, in an effort to sell more comics, Marvel has introduced a line of bargain priced $1 introductory issues for a number of tried and true story lines. It’s called True Believer and the books go on sale in April.

The books go back to some classic story lines like Civil War, Planet Hulk—and just for the PS3 generation, Powers (debuting tonight!) Presumably these jump on board spots will enable new reads to join in the Secret Wars fun.

Marvel Brings Two More Series to Secret Wars


Another day another Secret Wars tie-in. This one goes out to all the Carol Corps out there.

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: January 2015 – Flash Drop


Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

This month, nearly all of the comics with freely-orderable variants (Flash 75th anniversary) saw a drop of 3-4K. We’ve seen drops on these in the past months, but they were so uniform this month that I thought that maybe something else was going on. But the more I looked at it, I became convinced that it was the case the retailers as a whole just dropped their orders on these.

New Daredevil & Flash trailers released


Today’s trailers are all about the villains.

Lee and Didio on nuDC: the diverse diversity of diverseness


DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee gave a talk to comics journalists a few weeks back during the Burbank talent conference, and CBR has a round-up and in June, it’s all about the diversity! And less about…*gasp* nitpicking fans who only want their Aquaman! There’s also some news: Bobbie Chase, who is moving west, […]

Rebecca Taylor joins DC Comics editorial staff


So @BexTay has done some of my favorite Archaia books and now she's working with me at DC. I'm thrilled and know she's gonna teach me a lot. — Andy Khouri (@andykhouri) March 9, 2015 ….aaaaaand as we long ago predicted, DC is raiding a few players from the locals, in this case Boom!/Archaia by […]

Secret Wars Gets… Little


Skottie Young brings his “little” corner of the Marvel U to Secret Wars.

This is Groot—the comic book


Well the Raccoon and Starlord got their own books, so why not a tree? (And Gamora is coming, we’re told.) Jeff Loveness, usually a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Disney animator Brian Kesinger are teaming for a Groot ongoing comic—Declan Shalvey does the variant cover, with colors by Jordie Bellaire. The colorist on the […]

Valiant lands nine-figure deal with Chinese entertainment company for movies and more


Valiant Entertainment is partnering up with Chinese-based distribution company DMG Entertainment to bring Valiant characters to the big screen, according to a report from The New York Times. The deal is described as a nine-figure investment geared at creating films for global audiences as well as animation, theme parks, and merchandise.

100 Years of Solitude: Swamp Thing #40 Puts an Avatar to Sleep (Review)

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.58.34 AM

Scott Snyder came to the New 52 with a mandate for Swamp Thing to become a dark character settled with the likes of Animal Man for a grim adventure into the DCU. With a ploy towards diversity now extending throughout comics, maybe it’s time for a different kind of diversity. This includes storytelling to reflect […]

Bendis Bombs Away: Ultimate Spidey is Ending + Meet the Guardians of Knowhere


Brian Michael Bendis took delight in toying with the poor internet this afternoon with a few ‘Bendis bombs.’ The first was a little surprising; Photo: FRIDAY BOMB DROP EXCLUSIVE! first look at the very last issue of Miles Morales by David Marquez… The writer announced that Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is officially coming to an end in […]