Check Out Who’ll Be Fighting Whom in “Captain America: Civil War”


Some big news came out of Marvel Studios today as they unveiled some concept art from next year’s Captain America: Civil War.  The art confirms the members of each side in the film’s hero on hero war and gives us some new information about the movie’s major players. Of note is Agent 13 Sharon Carter, who made her […]


Industry Watch: How much are Hip Hop and other variants propping up Marvel’s sales? — UPDATED


We’ve already seen today that just jumping on a new, fresh direction isn’t enough to make a sales success, but what about over at Marvel? As I’ve noted their whopping sales have been led by the astonishing success of their Star Wars comics, but variant covers are also strong in this one. Star Wars #1 had over 100 variants, for instance. The upcoming hip hop variant program wasn’t just problematic from a creator standpoint, however, it’s also set new levels of frustration for retailers who have to order high on other books just to be able to ORDER copies of the variants, as revealed on Reddit by retailer Calum Johnston and explained at the Outhouse. Apparently a frustrated retailers posted the above annotated order sheet for the variants, showing how high order would have to be.


Secret Wars expands to a ninth issue


Although the book is already shipping late, these Secret Wars just can’t be contained, and the Marvel blockbuster of exposing universes is adding a 9th issue—because 8 was NOT enough. Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic and cover artist Alex Ross ride out the storm with the issue, which ships in December. “Apparently, Secret Wars is even […]


Marvel Month-to-Month Sales – July 2015: A Cavalcade of Mini-Wars!


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, and that’s why I’m talking funny. Please address your complaints to my French-people-are-never-happy country. Reminder: the sales data referenced below is  an estimate of sales to comics shops located in North America. American comics do get sold elsewhere in their original floppy […]


Marvel reveals photographic Cosplay variant covers


Cosplay is a thing. Variant covers are a thing. And now cosplay variant covers are most definitely a thing. Marvel will have 20 cover adorned by photos of cosplayers depicting the titular characters.


Asmus, Caselli and Soule launch the All-New Inhumans on a Secret Mission


Marvel has just announced another Inhumans title with Charles Soule (She-Hulk) and James Asmus (Quantum and Woody) on writing duties. The new series known as All-New Inhumans features interiors from Stefano Caselli (Secret Warriors) and will be lead by the royal family member Crystal, sister of Queen Medusa. The roster features an additional supporting team of […]


NYCC ’15: Bryan Cranston, Game of Thrones Stars, and “Two Brothers” authors Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon Announced as Guests


So Walter White; Loras Tyrell; and Obara Sand, daughter of Oberyn Martell, walk into a bar.  The bartender asks, “who do you fight for?” ReedPOP just announced a bunch of new guests for New York Comic Con 2015.  On the filmed media front, fans will get to lovingly gaze upon Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, Marvel writer […]


Marvel and James Patterson re-team for Max Ride: Ultimate FLight


Best selling author James Patterson is a veritable story factory with his Alex Cross and Maximum Ride franchises, but he’s been pretty successful in the GN realm as well, with several manga-infused adaptations of his work from various publishers. But now he’s teaming up with Marvel for some Max Ride comics— the first series Max […]


D23 2015: What’s New at Disney’s Amusement Parks?

Goofy Hair Barber-Shop-Maquette


Comics Beat to Host The Covers @ Long Beach Comic Con 2015


Comics Beat hosts its first panel at Long Beach Comic Con 2015 and we’ve got a Lollapalooza of a line up.


Marvel unveils Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur


Devil Dinosaur is my favorite Jack Kirby creation. Sure, you can have your Silver Surfer, or your Orion, or your Captain America…but for me, I’ll always stand with the big red T-Rex! Plus, his very existence allowed for amazing images like this… It looks like Marvel holds the character in equally high-esteem, because he’s coming […]


Interview: Paul Cornell talks Manic Pixie Dream Doctors, Warcraft, and that time he “messed up.”


We talk with series writer Paul Cornell about his Four Doctors crossover event for Titan, his Dark Horse limited series This Damned Band, a recently announced Warcraft graphic novel due out next year and the one comic he walked away from.


Eyes-Cream Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Pull for 8/12/15


After a hard week at the mansion the Beat Staffers (authors of the world’s premiere comic book website The Beat) went out for ice cream. A brand new ice cream shop had just surfaced near the Beat headquarters…a perfect place to enjoy the night off after some truly hard work. The team each got their very […]


Marvel Month-to-Month Sales–June 2015: Too Much Choice On The Menu!

Secret Wars #3

by Xavier Lancel

Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please address your complaints to my over-drugged cyclists country.
Reminder: those sales are estimates, sales to comics shops located in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. Keep also in mind that just because a copy is sold to a shop doesn’t mean it’s sold to a customer. This would be way too easy. Digital sales are not taken into account.

This month, a horde of mini-series (or ongoing, who knows, Marvel hasn’t been very clear on that) is invading the Marvel chart. Only one thing is sure: everything will be relaunched (or should I say renumbered) past Secret Wars (SW). The Last Days banner, supposed to frighten customers (“Oh, look, that’s his last adventure in the old MU! “), is working like a charm for titles who were struggling to stay alive.

As always, tons of Star Wars franchise comics are sold, reordered, repackaged. The $5 price tag is less predominant this month but the test worked: customers are ready to pay $5 for, not caviar in a nice box, but paté wrapped in journal paper: you’ll have to do your own cover, cut the ads and add the still missing 2 pages that were lost “to keep the prices low “…


Deadpool and Cable go Existential for a Split Second with Brown and Nicieza


Deadpool and Cable might not be the best of friends, but that doesn’t stop Marvel from teaming up the unlikely duo again and again. This time instead of going with the classic idea of putting the pair into a book under the moniker Cable & Deadpool, Marvel placed Deadpool’s name first in Deadpool & Cable: Split Second. […]


Did Watchmen Steal From The Outer Limits, Or From Jack Kirby?


[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Watchmen, The Outer Limits, and some old sci-fi you probably weren’t planning on reading.] At the end of Watchmen, a television set in the background announces a rerun of The Outer Limits episode “The Architects Of Fear.” This was a reference to a creative debate that occurred behind the scenes between writer […]