SDCC ’15: DC and IDW Team Up to Present Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crossover


Whaaaaa???? In an unprecedented cross-company event, DC and IDW announced today that they would make millions of fans’ dreams come true by teaming the Dark Knight up with the Heroes in a Half Shell.  Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a six-part limited series slated to begin in November, will be written by James Tynion IV and […]

SDCC ’15: IDW Publishing & Top Shelf’s Comic-Con International 2015 Schedule


From the PR…  [I’ve highlighted the more exciting events. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments!] IDW Publishing (Booth #2743) and Top Shelf Productions (Booth #1721) will host an amazing list of talent this year at both their booths. Come by and meet some of the biggest and brightest stars working in comics today!

PREVIEW: Corto Maltese: Beyond the Windy Isles


What better way to celebrate the Beat’s 11th anniversary than with a preview of one of our all time favorite comics, Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, now being reprinted in lovely English language editions from IDW and Dean Mullaney’s Euro comix imprint. This volume goes on sales today and follow’s Corto’s ravishingly romantic and lushly […]

SDCC ’15: IDW Publishing Announces a Bevy of Exclusives


Today, IDW sent out a press release announcing the San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusives.  In an interesting move, attendees will actually be able to preorder some of these exclusives from the IDW website for pickup at the con, hopefully reducing the amount of time you spend in their line and thus giving you more […]

MATT CHATS: Samurai Jack Exit Interview with Jim Zub


Even though I was never quite in love with the considered-a-classic Samurai Jack TV show, I’ve been infatuated by Samurai Jack the comic book since before Issue 1. The stoic, solemn character interacting with a colorful world works, in my opinion, better in sequential form than it does on the screen. Writer Jim Zub is […]

IDW teams up with Madefire to Launch New iOS App


IDW has created a new application with the help of a partnership with Madefire in order to open up their catalogue of comics to a wider group of fans. The brand new app store allows access to over 3,500 comics, as well as 15 free trade paperbacks available digitally. Several motion titles (as well as […]

New IDW / Top Shelf Comics Humble Bundle offers some great comics


The Humble Bundle model of “bundling” digital comics for a pay what you want price (while offering a percentage to charity) has had a pretty big impact on both comics readers and publishers over the past year, generating over $4 million in sales for ebook last year. You can see why publishers would be hep […]

MATT CHATS: Andy Suriano on his Return and Second Goodbye to Samurai Jack


There are a lot of licensed comics out there that lack a certain legitimacy. Whether they’re good or bad, they’re not the main version of those characters and those worlds, and they’re usually created by people who weren’t involved in the original. IDW’s Samurai Jack circumvents that sense of not feeling like the “real” thing not only by continuing where […]

Tonight @ Society of Illustrators: Is That Art?


This exhibit of works from Craig Yoe’s original art collection has already garnered stellar accolades – tonight you can see why. And that’s not all …