Grumpy Cat world domination: over 100,000 graphic novels ordered and Free Comic Book Day


Can people get enough of Grumpy Cat? I don’t think so. ICv2 recently reported that the first collection of the Dynamite comic featuring the cranky kitty has been sold in to Scholastic book fairs, and already has orders of more than 100,000 copies via various channels. The first four issue series has been a hit, […]

Rachel Pinnelas is named Dynamite’s Associate Editor


Dynamite named Rachel Pinnelas as a new addition to the company’s editorial team. Pinnelas is joining the publisher as an Associate Editor. She will oversee Dynamite-owned, licensed and creator-owned projects. Pinnelas will be editing Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris, and Vampirella, and as of yet unannounced projects. She also edited the Swords of Sorrow crossover series. “I am very […]

Grumpy Cat is coming to NYCC and here are ALL the #1 covers


The biggest celebrity of all has been announced for New York Comic Con! Grumpy Cat herself will be appearing on Thursday, October 8th, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm at Dynamite Booth #2129. Thisis her first comic con appearance, but Grmpy has been the superstar at every other venue we’ve seen her at, including Toy Fair and BEA…I’m not […]

More people hired at comic book companies: Image, Boom, Valiant, Dynamite


Although the comics industry seems to be hitting a rough patch, one thing that I noticed at last week retailer summit is that a bunch of people have just been hired as staffers to actually work in the comics business! And interestingly, many of them are working directly with comics retailers. I think if you’re going to invest money in your business at a time like this, investing in new employees who work directly with the people who buy your products is a pretty smart move. Here’s the new faces:

Dynamite announces Seduction of the Innocent with Parks and Polls


Apparently the title Seduction of the Innocent is in the public domain now, as various projects are in the works from Darl horse and Kitchen sink…but here’s the Dynamite version. And no, it’s not about about a troubled psychiatrist and a rogue senator teaming up to put hundreds of people out of work. Instead the series, by writer Ande Parks and artist Esteve Polls (The Death of Zorro and The Lone Ranger), will be a gritty crime drama with EC-like flourishes.

Dynamite bundles massive loincloth collection with “Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery!” from Groupees


    Lord of the Bundle, Dynamite, has a new one at Groupees, this one themed “Swords, Sandals and Sorcery!” and for a pay what you want model as low as $1 you’ll get a vast amount of reading material featuring people who wear loincloths, including but not limited to: Thunda, Athena, Dejah Thoris and […]

Dynamite Gathers Some Cool Cats for Grumpy Cat Comic Series


Most memes are like flavors of the week.  They create a stir, and then suddenly disappear, lost to the annals of the Wayback Machine.  Occasionally, however, a meme is so dank that it persists beyond its short expected lifespan.  Grumpy Cat may be the first meme to be so incredibly dank that it becomes immortal. The […]

Betty Boop Comes Back to Comics After 20 Years


When I was kid, my mom bought so much Betty Boop stuff.  Betty Boop mugs.  Betty Boop plates.  I couldn’t take a step without seeing the little red dress in my periphery.  Now, I had no idea who Betty Boop was, but I gathered she was important for some reason. It looks like I’ll get to find out what […]