Coming Attractions: November 2010

By Torsten Adair The following is a selection of new comics titles due to be published in November 2010. This list is not comprehensive, as there are over 350 books scheduled. Instead, I have selected titles which caught my interest.  If you would like to browse forthcoming graphic novels and related books at your leisure, […]

Clowes on tour!

Dan Clowes is on tour this week, D&Q tells u, starting today in Washington DC. In each city, Dan will be talking with a special guest moderator complete with slide show. (and it’s a great slide show) And in Boston you get to see Ghost World after the event, with an introduction by Dan himself. […]

The Funnies Business

A few links making the rounds related to the health of various sectors of the comics business. § In Boston, while book industry sales are “in freefall”, comics sales are strong enough to support new retail outlets: They couldn’t find a single financial backer willing to risk a penny on a comic book store, but […]

21 Days of Halloween: Seth

The NY Times teams up Lizzy Ratner and Seth for some haunting views: Even in this cheek-by-jowl town, the realm of other people’s apartments remains resolutely mysterious. Sure, New Yorkers share walls, overhear fights, inhale the sweet-spiced victories (and, all too often, failures) of sundry kitchen experiments. But the odd, unholy secrets of our neighbors’ […]

Marc Bell on Tour

10/17-18 APE San Francisco, CA 10/19, 7-10pm Lucky’s Vancouver, BC 10/21, 8-10pm Family Los Angeles, CA 10/25, 5-7pm Desert Island Brooklyn, NY 11/20, 7-9pm Magic Pony Toronto, ON 11/27, 7-9pm Librairie D+Q Bookstore Montreal, QC