PAYING FOR IT gets final cover and an intro by R. Crumb

Chester Brown’s PAYING FOR IT is sure to be one of the most-discussed GNs of the year, and D&Q has just released the final cover. In case you missed the log line, it’s an account of Brown’s decade-long practice of hiring prostitutes and his arguments for the dignity and necessity of the profession — in Canada certain forms of prostitution are legal, but that situation is changing for the worse, and Brown makes a pretty impassioned plea in the book to expand on the legalization of what really should be a business transaction between adults. We’ve read the whole thing, and while we’re not quite on board with some of of it, he does make a good case for keeping things safe and legal. The book will have an intro by R. Crumb and blurbs from many famous folks, including Neil Gaiman, who writes:

Coming Attractions: February 2011

February has only 28 days, but is jam-packed with lots of great graphic novels and related titles!

Warning… looking at what appears so far on, the rest of 2011 is going to be just as amazing! Click this link to discover more! (Sweet Kirby Crackle! Corto Maltese, in English, from Rizzoli?!) Better start shopping for bookshelves now.

Coming Attractions: November 2010

By Torsten Adair The following is a selection of new comics titles due to be published in November 2010. This list is not comprehensive, as there are over 350 books scheduled. Instead, I have selected titles which caught my interest.  If you would like to browse forthcoming graphic novels and related books at your leisure, […]

Clowes on tour!

Dan Clowes is on tour this week, D&Q tells u, starting today in Washington DC. In each city, Dan will be talking with a special guest moderator complete with slide show. (and it’s a great slide show) And in Boston you get to see Ghost World after the event, with an introduction by Dan himself. […]

The Funnies Business

A few links making the rounds related to the health of various sectors of the comics business. § In Boston, while book industry sales are “in freefall”, comics sales are strong enough to support new retail outlets: They couldn’t find a single financial backer willing to risk a penny on a comic book store, but […]