Get your Wonder Woman make-up fix at Walgreens this week


Wonder Woman is truly a multi-faceted triple goddess of lore and branding. For some she’s a feminist role model; to others she’s a powerful but sexy female superhero; and  to still others, she’s a great way to sell make-up and other women-focused products! Five years ago Princess Diana starred in a line of MAC cosmetics that sold out […]

Chester Brown is hitting the road with his Biblical prostitution treatise (NSFW)


There’s a new Chester Brown book coming out, and it’s a doozy. It’s called Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus, and it examines stories of bibles heroines via their relationship with prostitution. This profession was at the heart of Chester Brown’s previous book, Paying For It, which is all about how he switched to […]

Review: Nick Drnaso gives us 2016’s first great work with ‘Beverly’


Nick Drnaso’s fictional world is a particularly joyless one where even coming together doesn’t much help the human condition. It might even make things worse. As depicted in the Drnasoverse, each human has their own internal monologue that other humans are shut out from, and this creates distance, alienation, and confusion. Since one of us […]

D&Q to republish three Lynda Barry masterpieces


The Lynda Barry renaissance that’s been underway at D&Q for the last few years with What It Is, Syllabus and reprints of her early comics strips now comes to its crowning moment with new editions of three books that can justly be called masterpieces: The! Greatest! Of! Marlys!, a colelction of comics featuring barry’s signature […]

Chippendale, DeForge and Shapton arriving in February from D&Q


2015 isn’t even cold in its rocking chair and 20126 is coming on like gangbusters. Here’s what D&Q has coming in February, the long awaited collection of Brian Chippendale’s Puke Force, new Michael DeForge (does he EVER sleep?) and Leanne Shapton.  Puke Force collects the sui generis webcomic that Chippendale serialized for a long time. Kid […]

Chester Brown is also going biblical with a book on Bible prostitutes


While Gilbert Hernandez is new to the bible comics business, Canadian iconoclast Chester Brown has long been fascinated by scripture; long ago he adapted the gospels of Mark and Matthew in the back of his various comics periodical, but only finished Mark. These were strange, terrifying comics drawn with the inner fury that only Brown […]

D&Q January books: New Oliveros, new Drnaso and more Lutes and Skeezix


D&Q has just announced their January releases, including a new edition of Jason Lutes’ Berlin, more Gasoline Alley, an exciting debut graphic novel from Nick Drnaso AND The Envelope Manufacturer, the book by former D&Q publisher Chris Oliveros, who has been quietly working on this book for years. The subject matter — the gradual erosion of a small business — echoes Seth’s Clyde Fans and maybe even the comics industry? We’ll find out!

In case you’re wondering about Jason Lutes long simmering epic, a new issue, the 18th, came out last May, and he’s slowly but surely working on completing it.

D&Q’s 25th Anniversary spotlights the long march of female cartoonists


Over the weekend, Drawn & Quarterly got some much deserved attention in the New York Times for their 25th Anniversary and the astonishing accompanying book. First in a round-up of creators and books, and then a longer profile called 25 Years of Drawn & Quarterly, Champion of Female Cartoonists, which probably isn’t the headline you […]