DC Announces Rebirth Collections, Plus Lots of Classic Reprints, for Early 2017!

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    Rebirth collections start shipping early next year (the obligatory #1 Omnibus ships in mid-December), although none seem to be in hardcover…  That might be a marketing ploy to gain even more readers, perhaps DC’s version of Image Comics’ $9.99 trades. Of course, this means they’ll be battling with Raina Telgemeier on the New […]

DC and IDW team for LOVE IS LOVE anthology to honor Orlando shooting victims


      DC and IDW are teaming up for LOVE IS LOVE, a project spearheaded by writer Marc Andreyko intended to honor the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. The result is an anthology with more than 100 stories and 200 creators on board, with all the proceeds going to victims, survivors, and their families […]

Lego Dimensions to get Lego Batman Movie and more in February


Parents of child gamers and rabid Batman fans, just when you thought your wallets could take a rest… the toys-to-life gaming giant LEGO Dimensions  is about to add to its already galactic sized collection of content. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed details around three highly collectable expansion packs for LEGO Dimensions,  that will be available […]

Telltale Releases Intense Trailer for Batman Episode 2 “Children of Arkham”


Last month Telltale Games made a huge splash with the debut of their new Batman inspired series. It was a ballsy shake up of the established Dark Knight mythos while still retaining the essence of what makes the character great. Today the studio unveil the gripping new trailer for BATMAN – The Telltale Series – Episode 2: […]