REVIEW: BATMAN ARKHAM VR, Become the Bat and stub your toe


Believe it or not, there was a time where people were worried Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Asylum wouldn’t sell. Two million units in the first month answered a lot of questions. While it’s been a slow process, comics in gaming are getting their due. With the arrival of Virtual Reality, it’s only fitting that Rocksteady brings […]

NYCC’16 LIVEBLOG: Meet Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, Co-Publishers of DC Comics!


The Comics Beat is live at the DC Comics Meet the Publishers panel here at New York Comic Con.  It should be an interesting hour as co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio take the stage to answer pressing questions from fans about their favorite heroes as well as the real world politics that surround the […]

NYCC ’16: Ben Percy comments on TEEN TITANS’ artist Jonboy Meyers’ depature UPDATED


Yesterday, Teen Titans artist Jonboy Meyers announced that he was leaving the title due to “creative differences.” Today, The Beat caught up with series writer Ben Percy, who confirmed the departure. Percy said “I wish him the best.” Meyers had produced art for the series’ “Rebirth” oneshot and issue #1 before leaving the title.  He […]

NYCC ’16: The Ray is Reborn: Now Even Gayer!


by Elana Levin Baking Diversity into DC Rebirth’s Creative Teams Gay superhero The Ray is being taken out of cold storage and will star in his own one-shot before being added to the Justice League of America’s roster. This is particularly noteworthy because writer Steve Orlando and artist Stephen Byrne are bi or gay. This […]

NYCC ’16: DC’s Young Animal Roars Its Way Into NYCC


DC Comics recently launched Young Animal, the imprint led by Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance frontman and creator of The Umbrella Academy. At New York Comic Con on Friday, Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Jody Houser and Marley Zarcone to talk bout their Young Animal books. Doom Patrol editor Jamie S. Rich moderated the panel. How did […]