New Dark Knight Rises trailer in Lego


Lego Tank Girl rides for the first time

Those “Girl sized” Legos have been pretty controversial but they have sold well, we’re told. And you can make a cool tank out of them. And thus, someone has used one to make a “Tank Girl” video. And here’s how to build it. Apparently there’s a special file style just for building Legos. The march of progress.

Toy Fair: My Little Pony Wedding Spectacular!

A wedding is in the air for My Little Pony, as Princess Cadence and Shining Armor are tying the knot…and the hearts of bronies everywhere are pounding all the faster.

Brokeback Toy Fair

We have hundreds of images from Toy Far to sort through, but we’ll just start out with a few highlights. Over at Kotobukiya, even the dolls were representing the Brokeback!

Hotties of Toy Fair: Darth Maul

It seems that for 2012, Lucasfilms has decided on using “Shirtless Darth Maul” as their brand licensing image.

Great choice!

Toy Fair: Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings Legos

We’ll have more descriptions of these when we have more bandwidth. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek. Lego Gollum and Lego Helm’s Deep!

DC launches Hero Factory app with Lego and kids comics

DC and Lego have teamed for an app that offers all-new, all-free comics.

This could be significant, for reasons explained below.

Sam's Club banned Lego Bible for being too racy

We don’t know HOW we missed this story when it originally broke as we’re such huge fans of The Brick Testament at Stately Beat Manor. Lest you forget, this is one man’s crazy 10-year quest to retell the Bible using Legos a gargantuan task of posing and photographing, not to mention compression. When the book came out in November, we were all over that shit, and so, originally, was massive ass market retailer Sam’s Club and religious bookstores, who thought that a version of the Bible told in colorful brick would appeal to children.

31 Days of Halloween: Ben Cooper costumes

Everyone has been linking to the various Halloween goodies at Wonderful Wonderblog and the pictures of old Ben Cooper kids Halloween costumes from the 70s and 80s.

It’s a pretty remarkable sign of the progress in human evolution that we have gone from a holiday based around molded plastic masks of various characters accessorized with garish nylon jumpsuits to a holiday based around Sexy Nurse.

Lego versions of Road House and the Bible make life worth living

If you have been around the nerdier sectors of the net in the last decade you have surely seen The Brick Testament, by Brendan Powell Smith a loving recreation of the BIble’s most gruesome, perverted and vengeful moment rendered in Lego brick men and women.

What you may NOT have known is that the whole glorious thing is coming out this month in a paperback from Skyhorse.

Attention Angelenos: you still have Powercon/ThunderCon

Anyone in the LA area who is bummed over the postponed Wizard World LA show scheduled for September 24-25 should be aware that Power-Con is still on for those dates. This small two-day fan show is focused on Thundercats, He-Man and She-Ra. It’s a small show but sounds like a swell afternoon if you’re into 80 animation. More info:

Cryptozoic Entertainment signs with Diamond

Founded by Cory Jones (ex Blizzard), John Nee (ex DC) Scott Gaeta (ex Upper Deck) and some other folks, Cryptozoic Entertainment is a newish company with strong roots and, from what we heard at SDCC, lots of things in the works. They’re putting out a Walking Dead board game, and have signed with Diamond for distribution. Could there be more products in the works? Keep an eye on them.

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Sex, Rock’n’Roll, and Even Crazier Stuff!

Well, the second full day of Comic-Con is coming to an end, and there’s been lots of amazing stuff announced! I’ve diligently sat deep in Stately Beat Manor, watching the news feeds, so you don’t have to! Read on!

Coolest Cowboys & Aliens tie-in: Hipstamatic lens pak

While Captain America’s sugartastic ice cream and donut tie-ins have been causing a lot of comment — and cavities — here’s a new comic book movie tie-in that is frighteningly hip: a lens/case pak for Hipstamatic, the trendy and addictive photo app for iPhones that produces instantly professional looking photos thanks to filters and levels. Director Jon Favreauannounced it on Twitter:

The Daniel Clowes Death Ray toy

Dan Clowes’ seminal THE DEATH RAY is getting a swanky new edition from D&Q this fall and there’s an amazing action figure to go along with it. Limited to 200, this will go fast so hurry! Before your sure-fire chance at indie cred slips away forever.

Product alert: Green Lantern thumb drives

Have you always wanted a Green Lantern themed-thumb drive?